Saturday, May 15, 2010

Quality time with the girls

Today Nader went with baba, so I had a chance to have some quality time with my two little girls MashaAllah. The weather was perfect again too!

I think it's important that the kids have some time alone with the parent(s) sometimes, especially in a big family. So dh took nader with him, they went somewhere by a river, fishing (again) and some other manly stuff lol.

The girls and i went to the adventure park, which is a.. big park with lots of activities, who would have guessed :D .

We had such a nice (peaceful) time. the girls tried all the things they could find, running, climbing, swinging, sliding..

We had picnic and grilled sausages.

I got a chance to read my book lol..

They got to feed squirrels, which eat from hand because they're so used to people.

They studied how to act in traffic in this mini town for kids (no houses, just streets and traffic signs lol).

Alhamdulilah we had a lovely day! Again!


  1. Salamu alaykum!
    So are you gobba take us there this summer inshaAllah ;)

  2. Asalamu aliakum!

    Ma'shaAllah, I think that's wonderful that you got quality time with the girls and nader got quality time with his daddy!

    LOL at 'who would have guessed'.

    I like that there's a mini town for kids! You know, to this day, I'm always afraid of crossing the street. Maybe I should visit that town and get some practice ;)

    Ooo and grilled sandwiches sounds yum!

    Alhamdillah for having a nice day <3

  3. random, inshaAllah! but you gotta come here first :DDD how many years you've been coming already? :P

    sarira, i remember when i was little i was riding my tricycle in that mini town ;) . maybe that's why i'm not afraid of traffic :DDD

  4. :) beautiful.. mashaALlah of you having some quality time with girls only.. :) that's soo cute..

    oh and I lovethat mini town too. I'm not scared passing the street, I just always love to be disciplined and not cross the road everywhere as some other people do.
    I say to my friends: I cant pass here (not in zebra) even if I die, I wouldnt get blamed at, because of passing the street everywhere.. :)


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