Thursday, May 20, 2010

Blooming garden!

I love to see how the flowers are starting to bloom in the garden! it's so amazing, every time!

i love this kind of tulips! actually this looks like a peony!

the bushes in fron tof the house are blooming. the fence in the backyard as well, but it was cut last year so it's not as pretty as usually.

i have one of these tulips left.. these grow on the side of the house, not in the garden, and some kids have cut all the blooms but one :(

this is strawberry. woodland strawberry, to be specific.

i have no idea what this is called.. the plant looks kinda like strawberry and it spreads the same way too, and the flowers is similar, just bigger and different colour.

the 'strawberry looking plant' again. one of them makes little bit different colour flowers

i have one, lonely Poet's Daffodil left. i took plenty from mom's place but after a few years they disappeared. now one got up again!


  1. Asalamu aliakuam!
    Beautiful! The garden is truly in full bloom <3

    Jazaki Allah for sharing.


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