Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dawah day mashaAllah

No matter how much we make plans, it's all up to Allah subhanahuwata'ala. He sure is the best of planners. Today is a good example of that. MashaAllah!

When I woke up in the morning I had a plan for today. I would go to the masjid to listen to a lecture and meet up with sisters. So, we had breakfast, packed our bags and started to get ready. I told the kids to get dressed, but then I decided to check our web site one more time to make sure that the lecture is not canceled. So I went on our group's page, and what did I find? It WAS canceled! SubhanaAllah..

So, that meant we had to change our plan. The weather was nice so we decided just to go out. The kids wanted to ride bicycles and play with their friends.

We had been out only for 10 minutes, when my old neighbor came with her four kids. She is a single mom and she used to live here for too many years. They still keep coming here a few times in a year to see their old friends. The other neighbors she used to know and visit were not home, so she was really happy to see me!

So, I made us some coffee and we sat down watching the kids to play. We spoke about some every day stuff, but then we somehow started to talk about the religion. She is very curious about Islam, she was already that time when she used to live here.

She told me how she has never understood the whole holy trinity business.. She is Lutheran Christian, like 90% of Finnish people. I told her how I've felt the same way all my life too.

I told her which other things in Christianity confused me as well.. Like God having a son, and people who pray for that son instead of God. Son, who never asked anyone to pray for him.. I also told her how I couldn't understand how a priest can forgive anyone's sins. We also spoke about Bible, and how it might have been changed during these years.. She had been thinking exactly the same way of all this!

I told her how everything suddenly made sense when I found Islam.. Or Islam found me.. I told her the way these things are in Islam, about good deeds and bad deeds, how Quran was given to Prophet Muhammed sallallahualleihiwasallam etc.. I also told her that Christians, Jews and us believe in the same God, that Allah is not God's name, it's a word in arabic language, which also Arab Christians use when they talk about God. She was very interested mashaAllah.

She was curious about the marriage in Islam, women rights and stuff like that. There's so much wrong information about it, so she wanted to know how it really is. She was pretty impressed when i told her.. She is old fashioned and likes it when men and women have different responsibilities. She doesn't understand how so called modern women want to act like men.

What surprised me the most was how she immediately accepted the way muslims do when they want to marry, that father (or other wali) is asked etc.. She thinks it's sad how parents here don't care what their children do and who they marry. She even said: "So, if I was a muslim other people would help me to find a good husband? She is frustrated because she is alone with her kids. T heir father doesn't care, he sees them maybe once in two months..His new girlfriend and her children are way more important to him. She would so much like to have a husband who takes care of her and helps her raise the kids. It would be awesome if some good muslim man would marry her!

We spoke about these things for 4 hours! I know she is not ready to accept Islam, not quite yet, but she accepted, agreed and understood everything what I told her! She also is planning to look for "the Message" movie. She wants to watch it, she was really curious to see it. Besides the story itself, she wants to see how it's made without showing Prophet Muhammed sallallahualeihiwasallam.

This is not the first time I talk to her about the religion, we spoke about it often when she still lived here, but this time we went more far and I got a different feeling about it. She has always been curios, but now I felt like she had real interest. InshaAllah some day she will accept Islam! May Allah subhanahuwata'ala guide her and her four children! Ameen. Sisters, please keep her in your duas!


  1. mashaAllah that is so awesome! SubhanAlah, Allah always has the best things planned for us. =) May Allah guide her and her family ameen <3

  2. Alhamdulillah, it sounds like time VERY well spent!

  3. Masha'a'Allah! how wonderful! may Allah guide her ameen!!!! You go girlie!!!!

  4. MashaAllah. May Allah open her heart and guide her to Islam. Ameen


  5. Takbir! Allahu Akbar! This is just amazing. May Allah guide her to Islam, Ya Rubb.


  6. MashaAllah, Allah is the best of planners! If you would have gone to the lecture, you wouldn't have been able to talk to her. Alhamdulilah.

  7. Mashallah. What a wonderful way to help somebody to understand about Islam. No pressure just loads and loads of information. May Allah guide her as Allah guides whom He wills. Inshallah.

  8. jazakallahu khir girls!

    that's right, xenia. what's so amazing in her is that she doesn't question one single thing.. not even the difficult ones, like men having a second/third/fourth wife.. i see a lot of potential in her, but i don't think she'd be ready to change her life that much yet.. i will keep in touch with her as much as i can inshaAllah.

  9. mashaAllah, it was very great post to read. subhanAllah how Allah plans for us. we never know what's best. may Allah guide this woman to Islam and bless her with a pious husband


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