Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Princesses and dogs..

Awww.. today my kids and I went to see the spring party of my grand children's day care center. The theme and the story line for the party was Sleeping Beaty and my grand daughter Laila was one of the dancing and singing princesses. My grandson Ali was a little dog lol ♥ .

I was just planning to take my kids home after playing out for hours, when my daughter Nadia called me and asked if we want to go and see the spring party of her kids, my grand kids. My kids had just been complaining that all their friends left home, so they got really exited and wanted to go..

The party was made outside in the playground of the day care center. Alhamdulilah the weather was pretty nice and sunny.. The day before it was raining and very cold, so we were really happy about it.

When we arrived, I saw that almost all the families from our houses were there, because everyone's kids go to the same day care. My kids were so happy to see all their friends. They found places to sit down and left me alone with my camera :P .

The teachers had built a huge castle prop. The show started like sleeping beauty always does: the king and the queen wish for a child, a fairy promises that they will get one. Then the princess was born and the fairies gave her the gifts.. y'all know the rest.

I don't know why, but anyway some group of little dogs belong to the story :D . It was the baby group of the day care lol, Ali is one of them. They were so cute and funny! They were supposed to growl, sleep, hold their tales etc.. Well, some of them did.. Sometimes :P . I must say that Ali is quite a clever boy for a 2-year-old, he did almost everything right. Only once the nanny had to tell him what to do. It was after the little doggies were sleeping.. He forgot to get up :DDD .. Lol the whole performance of the baby group was hilarious!

Laila's group were singing and dancing. They made 'Black Cat's tango' and ' Woolen sock'.. In Finnish of course :P . She had been singing one of the songs for a long time already and we had been waiting to hear the real version, because Laila's version was a little bit funny :D . Well.. Let's say that we recognized the song, but that's all lol.. Laila and her friends performed really well mashaAllah.

After the party all the children got ice cream. I was so surprised that my little ones asked me if they can go and get ice cream too, or if it's only for those who go to that day care. I thought they'd just run and be first in the queue.. Seems like they are not that hopeless after all.. They know how to behave at least somewhere :D .

Alhamdulilah we had a good time! Thanks Laila and Ali for making a good show! ♥


  1. mashaAllah.. I loved the story.. :) yes your kids and grandkids are soooo well educated.. :)

    Lol at Ali not waking up after teh sleep :D

  2. Hahaha, I think TesaLili ^^ just said everything I was going to. I enjoyed the story...didn't lose my attention one bit ;) So cute.

    Lol @ Laila...my little 9-year-old sis tends to have her own versions to songs too...it's so funny!

  3. awww mashaAllah that sounds like so much fun! wish I could have been there!


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