Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Lol I just had to use that headline. It's a name of an old hilarious movie, where two friends go fishing and everything that can go wrong, goes wrong. (Starring Joe Pesci, Danny Glover, 1997)

Aaarghh, this is not what I wanted to write.. But we were fishing today. Yeah! And I'm so exhausted. If you think you will find a deeper meaning in this post, you're on a wrong page.. Read yesterdays post instead. I'm too tired to write between the lines. I just want to tell yall about our fun day.

And the same time I'm watching Finland beating USA in ice hockey :P .

So, after Donjana finished school, we went fishing. Some of our friends came with us and they brought the fishing gear.

It didn't take long to get the first fish.. Actually we got many! Or not me.. But.. Us.. You know ;) ? DH and his brother bought even more fishes from some small boys who were there too. All the fishes were small though.

The kids were having a blast! They were play-fishing with some sticks and made 'food' of some dead leaves (=fishes) that they 'caught'. They were quite nicely and nobody got even their shoes wet! I'm impressed. I got a chance to sit and enjoy a book for a while alhamdulilah. (I didn't want to fight over the fishing gear.. My dad took me fishing always, so I've had my share and I can enjoy something else while others fish.)

Someone brought extra hooks with lines, so I made a small rod for the children of a stick so that they could try some real fishing too. Their worm got bitten many times, but they didn't have patience to let the fish swallow the hook. Hehe, they need some practice. I need to teach them inshaAllah.

We cooked the fishes in a grill right away.. I must say alhamdulilah I'm allergic to fish, so nobody tried to make me eat some.. Small Finnish fishes are full of bones hehe.. Not my favorite food. And I'm not the only one who was happy that we brought some sausages and bread too ;).

We had a long and happy day alhamdulilah.

And btw.. Finland won 3-2! WE won!

Now off to sleep!

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  1. Assalaamu Alaikum habibti! MashaAllah wa Alhamdulilah! Go Finland!!!! w00t!!! Sounds like you all had a wonderful day! Loved the pics! I have never been fishing, my dad wasn't into that kind of stuff lol :)


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