Thursday, May 13, 2010

Baking day! With a treat!

I had a baking day! The weather was a warm and sunny alhamdulilah, so dh took the kids to the beach and I had a chance to work in peace lol.

It was so fun to have the whole house for myself! Normally I would have taken the chance and lifted my feet up, but I had been planning to make pita bread for a long time, so that's what I did! I don't like to bake it if dh is at home, because then he would just be behind my back telling me how his mom used to do this and that.. ;).

After I finished this part, I had a long coffee break in the garden, while the dough was 'resting' or 'rising' or what ever you people call it :P . The weather was perfect, and I really enjoyed reading my book all by myself. Then I rolled the bread.

*place another coffee break here* lol :P

So, I made pita bread

and mana'ish..

And a few sweet breads for the kids with sugar on the top.

MashaAllah everything turned out quite nice!


  1. MashaAllah! That looks very YUMMY!!!

  2. Ohhhh! MashaAllah that looks so good!


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