Saturday, September 25, 2010

We have a lovely, little libary in this area. It's not only a place for books. They have a lovely room for little kids, where the walls are painted like a fairytale. There's toys, board games, puzzles etc.. Twice a week there's a crafts club for kids, and we wanted to see what's going on there. It was fun! We made miniatures about things we have in this part of town, our neighborhood. I had to laugh at some of the things my kids made.. It's so funny to see what they find important.

Here's the result:
I made our lovely library, of course.. games, computers, books..

..and some of the wonderful nature around here!

Nader made this spider.. when he painted it yellow he named it 'sun spider' lol.. He made even the eye glasses all by himself. I must say I was impressed..

He also made a tree with autumn colours, a huge football with a tiny football player, some board games and a die.

and he made this.. A huuuge TV lol :D

Deena made some party food, like swiss rolls, pizza etc..

And she made this.. It's chocolate, believe it or not. All these sweets represent this area to her :D 

Donjana made a football field with two players and a ball. The one on the left is Lionel Messi :D

And she made my daughter Amira's engagement party. The red circle of weird objects in the right is us dancing around the bride and the groom. she had put some wire inside the couple, so they can be even moved. They swing like they're dancing lol.

Kids have such a great imagination and so much greativity. InshaAllah they will never forget it. It's a great gift mashaAllah.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Quality one-to-one -time

I've tried to spend some one to one time with all my kids. Today it was raining, Nader and Donjana didn't want to go out from home. Deena is always ready to go, so we put on the rain gear and left..

I had some coffee with me and a bottle of juice for her. We also had a book of mushrooms with us (I've been teaching the kids about them lately, as I told earlier). We bought some chocolate from the shop and went to the forest.

We saw so many different mushrooms, and checked out the names from the book. We also took pics of them, so that we can study more about them at home. It was so fun mashaAllah. Then we sat on a rock eating chocolate bars and having our drinks. Little joys of life..

Monday, September 13, 2010

bye ramadan, happy eid and welcome autumn..

So, Ramadan is over. We had a really nice eid mashaAllah. I didn't take the kids to school even though it was a normal friday for Finnish people. We went all together to a sports and entertainment center where the Eid prayer hall was, and after the prayer the kids played at the children world next to the prayer hall. They had such a blast! And so did I :P . but don't tell anyone i was playing too, I didn't pay for a ticket for myself :DDD

We had lunch at my mothers place. She is not a Muslim, but I think it's nice to visit also non-muslim family members. We had a very nice day mashaAllah. We have visited her already for a few years on eid, and it's becoming a tradition mashaAllah. It's hard to feel the real Eid here, so family traditions are really important I think.

The other day we had pizza at my daughter's and her dh's new pizzeria in a small town 10 mins from our home, my birth town. The place was nice and the pizza was tasty mashaAllah. after eating we went to my
childhood playground. my dad used to take me there when I was very little, before we moved to Turku.

Yesterday we went to the forest for a walk. Autumn is coming and we already have some colours, and the mushroms are showing up. the kids loved it mashaAllah. I can only admire their will to learn new things. we had a book of mushrooms with us and they wanted to learn of each and every mushroom we found mashaAllah.

Here are Some examples of tthe different mushrooms we found.. We don't collect them btw, just take pics and read about them. I'm not so much into mushroom foods :P . My dad used to teach me a lot about nature, and I want to do the same for my kids.

Have a blessed Autumn, sisters!