Monday, September 13, 2010

bye ramadan, happy eid and welcome autumn..

So, Ramadan is over. We had a really nice eid mashaAllah. I didn't take the kids to school even though it was a normal friday for Finnish people. We went all together to a sports and entertainment center where the Eid prayer hall was, and after the prayer the kids played at the children world next to the prayer hall. They had such a blast! And so did I :P . but don't tell anyone i was playing too, I didn't pay for a ticket for myself :DDD

We had lunch at my mothers place. She is not a Muslim, but I think it's nice to visit also non-muslim family members. We had a very nice day mashaAllah. We have visited her already for a few years on eid, and it's becoming a tradition mashaAllah. It's hard to feel the real Eid here, so family traditions are really important I think.

The other day we had pizza at my daughter's and her dh's new pizzeria in a small town 10 mins from our home, my birth town. The place was nice and the pizza was tasty mashaAllah. after eating we went to my
childhood playground. my dad used to take me there when I was very little, before we moved to Turku.

Yesterday we went to the forest for a walk. Autumn is coming and we already have some colours, and the mushroms are showing up. the kids loved it mashaAllah. I can only admire their will to learn new things. we had a book of mushrooms with us and they wanted to learn of each and every mushroom we found mashaAllah.

Here are Some examples of tthe different mushrooms we found.. We don't collect them btw, just take pics and read about them. I'm not so much into mushroom foods :P . My dad used to teach me a lot about nature, and I want to do the same for my kids.

Have a blessed Autumn, sisters!


  1. I love the pictures you take! They are always so interesting. And it's funny that you did pics with mushrooms because my sister's yard has the STRANGEST mushrooms I've ever seen. They are literally pumpkin/hot pepper orange! They look so fake, but they're not. I'll have to take a picture the next time I am able to. Anyways, glad that you had a nice Eid. :)

  2. lol i think i know what you mean. there's a pic of those kind of mushrooms in the book we have. they look surreal lol :D

  3. ma'shaAllah, i love the very first picture so much!! sooo beautiful! LOOOOl at you were playing too. I was playing games too- and I think I shocked the 'game ticket person man'...i mean a woman in saudi....haha :P but i paid for my ticket ;)

    i like that you visited your mother for Eid, too, Ma'shaAllah!!

    Ma'shaallah at teaching ur kiddos about nature :) I think you do that very well< Ma'sahallah!

  4. so happy to read your story sister :) we have a happy eid too here.. And commenting on the pictures yoo took.. They are all nice! and autumn must be very nice too :) salam from south east asia sis :)

  5. salam fron scandinavia, finland mustika! yes, autumn looks beautiful, but i'm not the greatest fan of windy and reiny weather, so i don't like autumn too much.. just trying to think that without autumn and winter our spring and summer wouldn't be so special..alhamdulilah for everything.

    little A, i don't think they's sell me a ticket even.. i'd be over sized in most of the thingies. i played the table hockey thingo with the kids, and some boxing with nader only lol.. didn't go to the slides or such :))) the guy who was making sure everyone got their tickets was from our masjid. he'd go nuts if i showed a ticket and went to play :)))

  6. MashaAllah your pictures are wonderful! I am so happy you all had a wonderful Eid! It's great that you are able to build Eid traditions with your mother too! May Allah guide her to Islam. Ameen. LOL I would have played with the kids too ;)

  7. Masha'Allah good for you for teaching all about nature! That is the perfect beginning for children. Tawfeeq insha'Allah.
    I love autumn, and I know it comes early in Finland (as it did in Seattle), but it is a great feeling.

  8. As salaamu 'alaikum Sis and Eid Mubarak to you!

    May ALLAH accept all of your fasts, Ameen.
    It sounds like you had a very nice Eid and I must say, I love your photos as always.

    Take care,
    wa salaam,

  9. I know I'm late, but mashaAllah, your Eid sounds so lovely. Lil family traditions surrounding a holiday is what makes it special. <3

    Congrats on your daughter and her dh's pizzeria!

    Ahh...I'm not into eating mushrooms either! I tried it, and that wasn't really pleasant. :( But learning about 'em is fun! :D


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