Sunday, September 19, 2010

Quality one-to-one -time

I've tried to spend some one to one time with all my kids. Today it was raining, Nader and Donjana didn't want to go out from home. Deena is always ready to go, so we put on the rain gear and left..

I had some coffee with me and a bottle of juice for her. We also had a book of mushrooms with us (I've been teaching the kids about them lately, as I told earlier). We bought some chocolate from the shop and went to the forest.

We saw so many different mushrooms, and checked out the names from the book. We also took pics of them, so that we can study more about them at home. It was so fun mashaAllah. Then we sat on a rock eating chocolate bars and having our drinks. Little joys of life..


  1. Assalaamu alaikum!

    MashaAllah that's soo sweet, havin some alone time with Deena. Sounds real serene too. <3

  2. Masha'allah that is AWESOME! You are a great mom! I would have loved to do stuff like that as a kid. If we had more places that had things like that, I think I would do it with my kids. Unfortunately, there's really not a lot of wildlife around me! :( Too close to the city!


Even if I love talking to myself, it would be lovely to hear what you have to say! :P