Saturday, September 25, 2010

We have a lovely, little libary in this area. It's not only a place for books. They have a lovely room for little kids, where the walls are painted like a fairytale. There's toys, board games, puzzles etc.. Twice a week there's a crafts club for kids, and we wanted to see what's going on there. It was fun! We made miniatures about things we have in this part of town, our neighborhood. I had to laugh at some of the things my kids made.. It's so funny to see what they find important.

Here's the result:
I made our lovely library, of course.. games, computers, books..

..and some of the wonderful nature around here!

Nader made this spider.. when he painted it yellow he named it 'sun spider' lol.. He made even the eye glasses all by himself. I must say I was impressed..

He also made a tree with autumn colours, a huge football with a tiny football player, some board games and a die.

and he made this.. A huuuge TV lol :D

Deena made some party food, like swiss rolls, pizza etc..

And she made this.. It's chocolate, believe it or not. All these sweets represent this area to her :D 

Donjana made a football field with two players and a ball. The one on the left is Lionel Messi :D

And she made my daughter Amira's engagement party. The red circle of weird objects in the right is us dancing around the bride and the groom. she had put some wire inside the couple, so they can be even moved. They swing like they're dancing lol.

Kids have such a great imagination and so much greativity. InshaAllah they will never forget it. It's a great gift mashaAllah.


  1. Wow mashallah it looks so much fun and creative, I wish in our area activities like those happen...
    May Allah bless u and your kids..:)

  2. Masha'allah I love the crafts! They are adorable! I thought Nader's spider was a crab though, and it got me hankering for some seafood, LOL. The kids are soooo creative! May Allah, subhana wa ta'ala, bless them always!

  3. oooooooo, i love this!! Ma'shaAllah. I love that the library has all those things. And Nader did a great job on the sun spider. I agree with Linda- the kids are sooooo creative!


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