Friday, November 12, 2010

I'm back.. And so is the winter..

looks like I had a break.. lol..I just realized that i didn't post anything for more than a month! well.. I'm back now.. I have something in mind already, that I want to tell yall, but need a few days to think what to say..

Winter is also back.. we don't have snow at the moment, but two days ago there was 5 cm. First it was snow and then it became wetttt.. Walking there made it splash everywhere and i was wet until my knees

When I took the pic it had just started snowing, and it did go on all night.. I hateeeee winter but alhamdulilah. If we didn't have 5-6 months cold season, the summer wouldn't feel so wonderful either.

For the kids sake I wish we get snow and ice. Otherwise the winter will be very boring for them. They just LOOOOOVE ice-skating, sledding, skiing..

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  1. Mash'Allah the pics of snow make me miss my home state of Alaska! I'm dying to take my daughter somewhere she can experience snow! Insh'Allah soon :)


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