Friday, August 27, 2010

Tiinaish tea bread & cooking with kids :P

We've been baking and cooking with the kids a lot these days. Yesterday I made apple pie.. While I made the dough Donjana peeled apples. Nader and Deena got to arrange the apple pieces on the pie. I forgot to take pics, but mom has tons of apples in her garden so I'm pretty sure we will make another pie soon :P .

Today Donjana made tuna casserole. I only helped by emptying the water from the macaroni after it was boiled and taking the casserole out from the oven. It was so delicious.. Deena and Nader washed carrots and cucumbers and cut them (together with me) and made the salad. MashaAllah it's fun to cook with kids..

Tonight I made kinda english tea bread my style. Maybe I should say Tiinaish Teabread :D

it's very simple recipe:

3dl white flour
1dl oats (grain)
½ tsp salt
(½tsp sugar)
2tsp baking powder
50 g melted margarine or butter
2 dl milk

mix the dry ingredients first and then add the milk and butter and mix well. that's it..

this makes two round flat breads that fit on one oven tray. make a few holes with fork and that's it :D
bake in 225○C for 10-15 minutes.

if you want to try the recipe, but don't know dl, ○C or those, use this converter

And now.. I'm off to eat :P

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