Thursday, August 12, 2010

A sad story that makes me MAD and disappointed at my country :/

I did not find these news in English anywhere, so can't post an english link, just translating it myself from a Finnish newspaper:

A Kurdish asylum seeker sew his lips together to protest the negative decision to his asylum application. He refuses to eat and can now communicate by writing on paper only.

He has a chronic myeloid leukemia, and Iraqi government's health department has given him a statement that he can't be treated in Iraq. He also has political reasons for seeking asylum, two of his brothers have been killed already and he has been threatened too. He has showed Finnish foreign department proof for that. So it's not only his sickness.

There's medication that usually works well for this kind or leukemia, but it doesn't work for him. He needs to be treated in a hospital, an operation which would cost about 50 000€. If they'd give him a right to stay in Finland, he could be operated in a hospital for almost free (alhamdulilah we have a good health care system here).

This brother has also said that the refugee center where he is at, has tried to keep this a secret, he has found it difficult to get himself heard. After all he wrote everything down and his friend read it to an interpreter on the phone, and now it's in all the newspapers.

He is already weak from his sickness and without that operation he will die. He has no idea how long he can last without eating but he says he won't cut the stitches from his mouth before the decision about his case has been changed. It's been put to higher court and it might take a year to get a new decision, he's been told.

This case makes me so mad! We have a law that a refugee can't be sent back to his country if his life is threatened. Already without the disease it seems to be the case. Looks like Finnish authorities don't think the same.. And with his sickness he will die for sure if they don't let him stay! The law doesn't seem to mean cases where someone's life is threatened because of their health..

I wish someone rich would see the article and pay for his operation, or the president tell the foreign office to change their decision (She has done it in a couple of cases, when they wanted to send two grandmothers to their countries, when all the family they had left was here.)

Shame on Finland for doing this to people! If he will die they're responsible!

InshaAllah he will get his operation before it's too late!

Please sisters, keep him in your duas!

Here's a link to a Finnish news paper article if anyone wan't to see it. It includes his picture.

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  1. La Ilaha Ila Allah..
    Human beings can be so cruel when they can do a little effort to be kind!!!..
    Poor guy, he has suffered enough in his country with all what he passed through, and with leukemia AND his situation as an asylum seeker..

    It brings tears and we can do nothing but pray for him that he is going to be accepted and treated..inshallah ya rab..


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