Saturday, August 14, 2010

Making tasbeehs with the kids, some nice summer days and fasting attempt

Like every Ramadan we make some Islam/Ramadan - related crafts. Tonight my kids made their own tasbeehs, and the girls also made ones to Laila and Ali. this is the result..

I'm not totally happy with the way I left the endings, I must stick those strings in the beads.. We didn't have any fancy stuff for decorating the ending, just beads, but if i'll find something later I will make some changes. And anyway, most important thing is that the kids want to use these too! Especially now on Ramadan inshaAllah..

So this is Deena's first week in pre-school. Alhamdulilah she loves it there and is very exited. Here she is making her first home work:

Now when it's weekend and no school, Donjana and I are trying to fast. I'm pretty sure she can't complete the day's fast - 18 hours btw - but inshaAllah she'll last long enough to get the feeling. I'm proud of her anyway! Just a couple of hours ago we ate suhoor together mashaAllah! Let's see how it will go. She might last longer than me. I took some pain meds just before fajr and tomorrow I don't have to walk the girls to school, so if I can get up from bed I might be able to make it inshaAllah. InshaAllah my blood sugar level will not go too low this time. It's been very hot here so the drinking part might get hard, especially for Donjana.

On Thursday I took Laila and Ali from the day care the same time with Deena, because their both parents were on the evening shift at work. Donjana finished early too, so I had the whole team with me. We decided to go to the football field next to the school. Annndddd Maradona scored loooool :D

 The other day we went on a walk to the forest. a friend of my kids came with us too. The nature is so beautiful here mashaAllah!

I took a picture of Deena this morning at her pre-school. It was fun to see how she run to play when we got in. I usually don't see this because on other days the kids stay direct out. Fridays are different because there's some activities together with the other groups in the morning indoors.


  1. I love those tasbeehs cute..:)..better than the dull colours we get always :)..
    ramadhan kareem sister..:)

  2. Mashallah, what a great idea, I think I'll have my kids make some this weekend!


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