Tuesday, August 17, 2010

MashaAllah my little girl!

MashaAllah mashaAllah my little Donjana, 8 years old, is trying to fast every day! She eats suhoor at night, a bit before 4 am, goes back to bed for 3 more hours and then fasts as long as she can! the days are extremely long here, so she can't complete the fasts, but she does about 12 hours and i think that's pretty good for her age!

First I thought it's better she fasts on weekends only, but she said she wants to make school days too, so i let her try!  She even told her teacher that she doesn't want to go and have lunch at school (they have free lunch here in every school, at 11 am). I put a small snack in her bag on the longer days in case she wants to break her fast after the lunch time is over. I also wrote a note to her teacher so that she knows what's going on, but that was after Donjana already told her!

I'm so proud of her! wub.gif


Even if I love talking to myself, it would be lovely to hear what you have to say! :P