Monday, August 9, 2010

So, tomorrow it starts! Deena's pre school! I have some mixed emotions.. My baby girl wub.gif is growing up! Donjana wub.gifwill start the second grade tomorrow, so her holiday is over as well. Also it feels like the summer is over even if the weather is still very warm.

I was there this evening at a parents meeting. Kinda boring lol, because I've been there sooo many times, but it's important for Deena that I go lol.. It was nice to get to know her teachers better anyway. I have met them when I got Laila from the day care, but they haven't been teaching my kids before.

Deena's group seems to be multicultural.. At least 5 muslim kids, and the teachers have experience about muslims and our needs alhamdulilah. Still Iwrote my own wishes down though, just to be sure.

It was funny to see a mother of Nenna's best school friend from 7th grade there.. She also has a daughter Deena's age..

Also Laila is in the same group alhamdulilah. They have 18 pre'schoolers and 7 kids who are 5 this year and go to pre-school next year. Laila is one of those. So it's a big group. The pre-schoolers and the younger kids have some of the activities together, but the 'lessons' are always in smaller groups, usually half of the pre-schoolers at once, so 9 kids. They have lessons two days a week, but the rest of the days are educational as well.

I came out with a bunch of papers.. Lol I don't know if I'll ever read them all.. This is my fifth kid in the pre-school mashaAllah.. I don't know how much new stuff there can be for me grin.gif .

Donjana is excited about going on the second grade. It's a big deal to not be one of the youngest in the school! She says she will study well and work hard this year, because she wants to have a good diploma. She needs it to go to the university some day, to become a doctor! I don't know from where she got that idea now.. Before she wanted to be a vet, a nurse, a horse-back-rider and I don't remember what else..grin.gif

So from now and on it will be just me and Nader habibi wub.gif in the day time. He is excited about that, but I'm pretty sure he'll be bored of my company soon .

InshaAllah my girls will have a lovely first day and a successful school year!wub.gif


  1. I knowww...everybody told me time would go by fast but I didn't believe anyone. Lol. Thank goodness, it has and we are beginning to prepare everything for the big trip :D

    Aww good luck to Deena & Donjana! How does Deena feel about starting school?? and LOL at Donjana...barely in the second grade and already working hard for university! So cute...

    How did you get the MSU emoticons?!? Lol.

    I don't start school until August 30! :)

  2. the emoticons come if you copy them from post preview ;) . i use only the ones that are everywhere in the net, so that i don't break some copuright rules lol :P

    deena is so proud lol.. she also said she will stay home lol, but i know she will be up two hours early and ready to go :DDD she is a dork lol..

  3. awwwww, Ma'shaAllah, I read your status when she started school. It's awesome that her class is so multicultural, Ma'shaAllah, and still good that you wrote what you wanted :) LOL at having all those papers to read.

    donjana is a cutie pie! i can't believe she's thinking about university and a diploma :D May Allah make her successful in whatever she wants to be :)D

    so cute that the little man is excited that it's only going to be you and him :D

  4. mashallah..I fear that day when my eldest son will start school..It is a big step for him..and me as well LoOoL,
    Inshallah your girl will do great in her first year..


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