Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The kids room is tidy!

I finally got the kids room full cleaning done last week! And it still is clean btw (thanks to the wedding and stuff, we haven't been home much :D )

I know it doesn't look so tidy because they have so much stuff..

... but I tell you it has been so terrible you wouldn't recognize it as the same room! :P

I wonder how long it will stay like this..

It's been a week already!

Anyway, YAY me! I did a good job :DDD


  1. Oooo, I opened this the day you posted it but the pictures were taking a long time to load, I didn't see them till now. You did do a GREAT job!! It is like a whole other room, Ma'shaAllah. the best part is that it lasted for a week (and maybe more :P)

    You should give yourself a pat on the back....or maybe some chocolate as a reward, lol.

  2. Pretty nice pictures, speaking your creativity =), though your blog is meant for someone who belongs to opposite sex, but I like reading your ‘aap’biti’

    And congratulations for your daughter's wedding; hope she will enjoy best time in future.


  3. Wow! Awesome room!! And it looks really clean to me... ;)

    My 22-year old sister has a bed like that...with the bed on top and the desk on bottom...but she hates going up the ladder just to get to her bed! LOL


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