Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Good news and hot days!

The last two days have been full of happy moments! Finland has a heat wave, the temperature has been between 25○C and 30○C (77 to 86 F) already for a week. I love it! It's the perfect weather for me! I sit under my tree knitting. There's a little wind sometimes and I have a cold grape fruit drink next to me.. Ahhh.. Life is good..! So the weather is great, I met a sister I wanted to meet for years already, my little girl is back home safe, Holland is in the World Cup final and a beautiful new Muslimah was born! MashaAllah wa Alhamdulilah!

On Monday my day started really early, 6.45 am :O. I had a plan to met a sister from another town and her crew at the adventure park, so I promised to take my grandkids with me so that they wouldn't have to go to the day care. Their both parents had a morning shift so they brought them to me before work. Nadia my daughter was working until 1 pm and she came direct to the park after work.

Nadia and I have known the sister we met for almost four years online, but this is the first time we actually met. It was so much fun and it felt like we've known each other forever! We spent the day with the kids in the park. The kids played with water most of the time, we had some snacks and griled sausages.

At 5 pm we went to get my lovely Donjana from the railway station. It was so good to see my baby after one week! I didn't even realize how much I missed her until she was actually back! Alhamdulilah! Her teacher told me that she was the best girl! She was the nice one, who always listened the adults and never made any problems! MashaAllah my little girl!

Then went to see a running competition at the stadium. The kids were running next to the stadium pretending they're in the competition too! I was hoping they'd sleep early lol because they really made themselves tired!

After the competition The sister from the other town and her crew left home and so did we. It was a really nice day alhamdulilah! InshaAllah we can meet again soon! After we got home I barely emptied Donjana's bags, put the dishes to the machine, put the kids to sleep and I fell unconscious lol..

Today was the hottest day so far. We stayed out in the garden and our playground the whole day. Donjana didn't see her friends for one whole week, so I wanted to give her a chance to spend time with them. I did a little laundry. Lol, Donjana's camp clothes and sheets set.. Don't know if that's actually little :P ). Anyway it was a good day for laundry, the sheets got dry outside in two hours because of the wind and sun.. Inside the house it's next to impossible to get anything dry these days because of the humidity.

The rest of the day I did a little gardening and then sat under my tree knitting a tiny hat for a baby, who's supposed to be born soon. It was so relaxing.. the kids were too hot to run, so they played quite nicely alhamdulilah :D.

In the evening we made a little bbq and had some friends and family over to see a football game between Holland and Uruguay. Holland is my favorite and I'm so happy to see them going this far! My daughter Amira also came with her (f)dh. She brought some strawberries! They were sooo yummy!

After the first goal I got sms from a friend, who was also watching the game. Then I noticed that I had got another text too, one hour earlier!! I had missed that! The message said that my dear friend just had a beautiful baby girl! MashaAllah wa Alhamdulilah! I'm soooo happy for her and her dh! And I have to hurry up with the knitting.. I thought I still have at least a week..

Holland won the game, so that means they're in the final against Spain or Germany.. Hopefully Spain InshaAllah!

I sooo enjoy this weather we have these days. InshaAllah there's many more to come! I love summer! Alhamdulilah for everything!


  1. asalamu aliaku, oldie goldie :P

    You know, when I read 'hot days', I expected a complaint, hehe, but then after I started reading, I was like, oh yeah, she lives in finland, hehe :P I'm glad you're enjoying this weather, alhamdillah.

    I was so happy that you met that sister. InshaAllah one day we will all meet <3

    ma'shaAllah at donjana being the best little girl there. something about the way she looks in her pictures makes me unsurprised- she looks very innocent/lady like/elegant/well-behaved, Ma'shaAllah....not a 'little rascal' if you know what I mean, hehe.

    LOL at the 'little laundry' :P

    i was cheering for holland, too, but in the end, I was starting to feel bad for Uruguay, lol, so I was happy that the final score wasn't too embarrassing for them ;) 3-2.

  2. lol yeah.. i wouldn't be too sad if uruguay took it.. but hey, they can get pronze anyway :P

    donjana is not trouble maker like the others, but she has hot temper too.. she just knows where she can show it > at home only :P .

    this thingy is nuts.. it showed 0 comments on this post lol.. i was looking for your comment from too many posts before i found it here.


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