Wednesday, July 21, 2010

it's been a summer of adventure :P

This summer has really been the summer of adventure for us - at least when it comes to going to the adventure park lol :D. We'been there like twice a week.. Or more even. The weather has been good and it can be relaxing for a mother too, so why not? The kids usually don't get bored thee and they don't come and bug you every second minute.. Last time i felt some boredness though.. None of the kids felt like playing with water - the thing they mostly expected when we went there the first few times.. Here's some of the action we've had during the summer in the Adventure park of Turku:

the largest playground in town

with so mant activities

something for everyone.. slides, swings, climbing thingies, and rocking boats etcetc
rocking car and a big stone castle

a huge spider web

rope swing ride
a cool shower and pool

police horses
pony riding


indian adventure

the different outside games guided by a kids club leader..

feeding goats

and ducks, swans, geese, chicken..

circus school

mashaAllah this has been a fun summer! Alhamdulilah not only for the kiddos ;)

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