Tuesday, July 20, 2010

SHE IS GETTING MARRIED - and just yesterday she was a little baby..

I can't believe it.. My little Amira is getting married! Feels like she was born yesterday and now she will have her own family inshaAllah!

Here she is about three months old

She was such a busy baby always.. When she was 4 months she started to roll over.. And over.. and over.. And traveled all across the house almost 24/7.

Here she is half year

She learned to go 'four wheels' and stand up when she was half year.. Man she made me run.. Especially after she learned to walk at 8 months and one week :O

About 8 months..

She was a happy baby mashaAllah and she never made too much problems when she grew up. She has given me many reasons to be proud of.

Amira 4 years and Samuli 2 years

Her henna party is on Friday and on Saturday is the wedding..

about 5 years

May Allah bless her marriage and give her and her husband a happy, long life together and a big family ;P Ameen


  1. assalamu alaykum ameennnnnnnnnnnn ya rubb

  2. Masha'allah Aunty. Ameen to the dua'a. Time goes by fast subhana'allah. Before you know it, it's going to be the three young ones.

  3. mashaAllah she is such a lovely daughter mashaAllah.. she was very very pretty baby mashaAllah.. :)

    May Allah bless her marriage with happiness, love, understandings and many pious children. mashaAllah

  4. subhanallah! your daughter is getting married.... i hope Allah will bless her marriage with all the happiness to follow.. :)
    you must be very happy now :)

  5. MashaAllah! May Allah bless her marriage ♥


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