Monday, July 12, 2010

Now I have more net time? :D

Football World Cup is over, so maybe now I will have more time online, when my evenings are free again :D . Congratulations for Spain. They were better this time.. I feel sorry for Holland though, My long time favorite.

What else is new? Lol.. It's still been hot in Finland, today it was +31○C (88○F), which is unusual. Alhamdulilah I got two shalwar kameez-suits from a sweet pakistani sister, they're so comfy in this weather and I don't feel too hot!

One of the shalwar kameez-suits I got from my dear friend.

This weekend my grandkids Laila and Ali were here, because their parents were working on both days and the day care is closed for weekends. Yesterday we went to the adventure park again, and today we were just chillin' here.. I put the small pool for the kids in the back yard and they played with water for more than two hours. The rest of the day they played football! I don't know how they can run in this heat! I love hot days, but I wouldn't want to do any sport! I prefer to sit under my tree having a good book and a cold drink in my hands :P .

The river Aura in the center of my town.

Ohhhh.. I forgot to tell about the medieval Marked in my last post! It's an annual festival here in my town, they make it by the river. People dress up old style, and they sell a lot of medieval time-related stuff. There's some shows too, like jousting, which my kids love! And they show how many things were done years ago, when there was no electricity or machines, for example turning wood, making soap, brewing beer, spinning wool to yarn and colouring it etc.

Jousting show.

They also have old style wooden toys, like big domino's, a huge horse with wheels, a carrousel where the kids sit in four big baskets and someone's spinning it from the middle... There was also a leather football (it was kinda triangle shape :D )which was filled with dry peas. Nader loved it lol! And the kids printed pictures there with real ink and then coloured them with water colours!

Medieval 'court'

They also show what they used to do to criminals like thiefs lol.. they put their heads and arms in this wooden thingy.. My kids got to try one.. Hehe, would be cool to have one on my back yard for naughty kids :P . My kids love that festival. It's different from other festivals here.. The only one that does not include people getting drunk..

The kids and I picked up these flowers . I love summer!

Ok.. Enough for today. Tomorrow my dh is taking Nader with him on an over night trip to the archipelago, to visit his cousins in-laws. The girls and I will have some girly fun. Lol.. If the weather is like this it will mean going to the beach I think. :P InshaAllah!


  1. Assalamualaikum Sis thank you my dear for the comment. It's so good to have you visiting my blog. :)
    And oh.. your shalwar kameez-suit is really nice.. i love that green color.

    Finland is sooo far away from here in southeast asia. so I love to see the pictures from your blog.

    Mustika :)

  2. waleikum salam.
    hehe.. so browse the old posts, sister. i post tons of pics and more coming on almost every post inshaAllah! thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. Hey deary. I am a female MBA from Karachi, Pakistan. I write on issues related to society, religion as well as some funny stuff. I need more enlightenment from people like you. Love ur blog outlook and ur cute thoughts.. Best of Luck for ur blogging. I hope we can be mutual followers- if u like my blog?? And don’t forget to comment please !!


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