Saturday, July 17, 2010

Big garden gallery!

The last few days have been hot and we haven't done anything special, just hanging around here playing, I've done some house stuff and gardening.. Well.. we've been on the beach and adventure park, but it doesn't really sound so special anymore because we go many times a week.. Anyway, we have a short summer and it's amazing how much changes happens in gardens during this time mashaAllah!

this is how it was after the snow melted.

the first botanical tulips

I got some violas

the yellow crown shaped tulips bloomed next..

I have no idea of the name of this one, but i've got plenty..

this the type of daffodil (Poet's) all the grandmothers have in their gaardens ♥

More tulips

this tulip looks almost like a peony..

my fence was blooming a lot!

and my cherry apple tree too



I love this simple rose! Burnett's rose!

yellow day lilies

little yellow sedums

yellow sedums again, just bigger version.




I don't know what's this.. It spreaded to my garden from the neighbor's side under the fence

Rose Flammentanz

Splendens Rose and Grootendorst rose


lol.. kept the pulps of hyacinth that I gogt from my aunty on x-mas and put them in the flower bed. now they're blooming!
I have plenty of different colour corn flowers that i crew from seeds that I got from Nadia

Lilies are finally blooming too!!!

There's still more to wait in my garden, so I just might have to make another post later :P


  1. bismillah is amazing how each part of the world looks different..I envy you LOL..
    it is so hot and humid here you cannot breath smoothly outside.we think twice before going outside..LOL

  2. oh, Ma'shaAllah!! Stunning!! Such beautiful flowers :O Ma'shaAllah! I can't decide which is my favorite!

    Ooo, and btw, I feel soOOo ignorant. I didn't know most of the names *blushes*...but hey, you're teaching me, right, hehe, Ma'shaAllah. (I was honestly so glad that you didn't know the ones that are growing from your neighbor's- LOL- it made me feel better :P)


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