Thursday, July 22, 2010

Allahs perfect creations

I can't believe this: this is my second post already because ants got me thinking.. :O . They've attacked my house once again..

Dh has kept two kinds of candy (with paper wraps) on a shelf near our back door. A little over a week ago the ant attack started.. They came to the kitchen mostly, but I saw a few going to the direction of the candy.. I didn't think they'd really do anything there.. Those were hard bon bons, not some soft or sticky ones.. And the paper wraps were tight..

Well, yesterday dh's brother took one candy and there was ants inside it :O . Alhamdulilah he saw it before he put it in his mouth.. I wanted to check the rest of the candies, but had no time yesterday..So today I did.. I couldn's believe what I saw :O SubhanaAllah there was ants all over the candies, but they had been eating only of one from each kind :O . There was more than one kilo candy and all the ants chose to go and eat from the same two pieces! They kept the rest clean! And those were not the first ones on the top, but under almost everything..

You can't see it much from the black candy, but on the white one it shows how they dig a hole in it.

Think how Allah has made the ants! They clearly tell each other where is food.. They find their way between a bunch of candy to eat from the same one.. They find their way home and have their own highways.. through my living room but anyway..

It's so amazing how everything works in this world.. No human inventions come even near the perfection of Allah's creations! If you think of human body for example. How perfectly everything works, how everything is taken care of.. No engineer could ever invent anything like that!

He it is who has created for you all that is on earth, and has applied His design to the heavens and fashioned them into seven heavens; and He alone has full knowledge of everything.
Quran 2:29


  1. soubhanallah and after all this we don't think? we dont reason? arent we supposed to be the most intelligent creature on earth! but we are so stupid

  2. oh yes.. greedy ppl would eat from the first candy they see and not care if they start from too many. but ants.. they finish one first, then take another one.. and i don't get it how they even knew how to choose each from two kinds..

  3. As-salaams,I gave you an award sister, please see my blog for details-


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