Friday, July 2, 2010

Life, just nice life.. Alhamdulilah!

It's hard to find the right headline for normal, lovely days.. It's just life. Nice life alhamdulilah!

So after Donjana left on the camp, the house has been somewhat more quiet.. Only my 'cat and dog', Deena and Nader, have been making some noise.. They seem to find reasons to make fuzz out of everything :P . Alhamdulilah no time to get bored!

On tuesday we went to the beach to swim and have picnic.. I took some hot dogs, bananas and juice with us. The weather was nice and sunny, but it was a bit windy, so the kids didn't swim much. I was kinda happy about it though.. There wasn't so many people around and I didn't have to worry that the kids will drown..Anyway, we had a really nice day! Deena was collecting shells and Nader was running around the beach playing football! :D it was hilarious to watch btw :P .

We got home in the evening, the kids were exhausted. So was I, but I had a job waiting for me.. High piles of clean clothes, ready and folded, waiting to be put away. And I did it! YAY me! I wish clean clothes had legs on their own though.. I never have a full laundry basked and I don't have a problem hanging clothes to dry or folding them after they're done. But putting them to closets.. Oh nooo.. :O I have no idea why it is so hard :P .

On Wednesday we went to my mother's summer house, just for the day. Nadia had been there over night with her kids, so all the kids got a chance to play together there for a while.. Or not all actually, Donjana is not here.. :'( .

We had some friends visiting there too. The day was wonderful! Lovely weather, some bbq, country side, good company.. And what did I do? Lol, most of the time I was laying in a hammock with my book :P . Ahhhhh summer!

It's weird to not have Donjana around. When I put food for the kids I always forget she is not here, and put three plates. :D In the morning I made them three sandwiches.. I'm pretty sure I will not learn to put only two before she is back already :P . I'm such a dork.. :D

Donjana has been enjoying herself on the camp! They've had a lot of activities and she is always exited about everything. On Tuesday night she was a bit home sick though, and she called me crying :'(. The older girl that shares room with her had gone to the shower and she was alone. Not nice on a bed time.. She is not used to sleep alone even here, she has Deena and Nader in the same room. Donjana relaxed after we spoke for a while alhamdulilah. Anyway, I had dh calling to her teacher the next day and tell him to make sure Donjana doesn't have to be alone in her room anymore after bed time, because that's the hardest moment for her in being away from home. Her teacher promised to take care of that alhamdulilah.

Yesterday Donjana's phone was closed so I couldn't call her good night. Today the phone was still closed, so I sent sms to the teacher to ask if her battery is empty or did she loose the whole phone.. The teacher called me back and told that it was empty and Donjana didn't know how to charge it. Poor her. I had told her though, but seems like she forgot.. Her teacher promised to help her alhamdulilah. And I spoke with Donjana too. She sounded exited again, and told me they had a party today! Alhamdulilah seems like she likes it there. She had been a bit home sick this morning as well, but after the breakfast she had forgotten all about it alhamdulilah! She is a big girl already mashaAllah!..

It's amazing how fast time goes and the kids grow mashaAllah! Today Nader went to a kids party to his friends' place, alone for the first time. They live in the next house from us, a few apartments away. I wasn't sure if he'd go alone - he knows the boys' mother well though. But yeah... He went, rang the doorbell, stepped in and didn't look back :D . mashaAllah he had a good time and didn't seem to miss me at all..

While Nader was at the party, I went with Deena to get Nadia's kids from the day care. Deena is going to the same place for pre-school in the autumn, so she is always exited to go there.. Laila and Ali spent the whole evening here, because Nadia and her husband both had an evening shift until 9 pm.

We spent most of the time outside, because the weather was nice.. I made dinner though, and while I was cooking the kids were watching a movie. After dinner we went back out. I cut the lawn and the kids were playing bowling :D . The evening was quite busy for me, but I still had a chance to sit back with my coffee cup out on the bench, while the kids were drawing with chalk on the asphalt next to me :P .

And now.. The house is quiet. Laila and Ali left home, my kids are sleeping, dishes are done (with the machine :P ), the laundry is done too.. (More clean piles developing again lol).. Time to lift my feet up and relaxxxxx! Oh life.. So ordinary and normal, with a lot of routines, but also full of pleasure. So many reasons for joy and happiness, if you just know where to find them! Alhamdulilah for everything!


  1. yay! mashaAllah sounds like a busy day! I love your dinner picture mashaAllah it looks like little snowmen. =D

  2. lol yeah.. the kids say they looked like chinese snowmen :DDD

    jazakillah khir for the comment! ;)

  3. LOL...Chinese snowmen :D
    Love hearing about your adventures, even if they involve the simplest things in life :)

  4. Erika, the simple things are the best! mashaAllah!

  5. wa'alykum as salam wa rahmat Allah wa barkatoo,

    LOVE all the pictures here :D Ma'shaAllah.

    LOL at cat and dog :P

    You know about the '3' dinner plates and stuff- I had this problem when my big sis got married and left the house. It was 'so weird'..I was used to 6 of everything ;)

    I am happy to hear that donjana is now having a good time. I can imagine how 'lonely/scared' she was alone in the room. Alhamdillah your dh told her teacher. Also, I'm sure you must have been very worried when you weren't getting any calls/she wasn't answering the phone. Alhamdillah you were able to sms the teacher :D

    All the activities you said sound like fun, fun, fun!reminds me of the dr. seus quote you have on the bottom :D
    You were the one who taught me to be thankful for 'boring routine' days. I still remember when you said that. It really had an impact on me!

  6. Salaam uAlaikum habibti! Love your blog mash'Allah!! Sounds like you had a wonderful day full of simple pleasures-you're right...the simple ones are the best alhamdulillah! Love the little "Chinese" snowmen...they are so cute mash'Allah!
    Can't wait to hear more about your happy life insh'Allah!


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