Sunday, May 9, 2010

Awwwwwwww ... - Breakfast in bed ♥

Awww.. I got breakfast in bed this morning. The kids even managed to do it without waking me up.. Almost.. I wouldn't wake up unless Deena was shouting in the toilet wanting me to clean her up..

The breakfast was tasty.. I got salad, which had too much spring onions lol.. It was good and with the right food it would have been so perfect. Then I got a slice of toast - not toasted btw - and it had chocolate spread on it. Donjana had made it. There was also cookies with chocolate spread. Later i heard they were because everyone wanted to make something, and because Donjana made the toast, Nader and Deena wanted to make the cookies. Alhamdulilah they all didn't make toast, it would have been too much.. I got everything eaten alhamdulilah.

I also got a fridge magnet, a butterfly that Donjana had made in school. There was a card too, a white anemone card. inside it was a poem, which goes like this:

I pick up flowers,
I carry flowers,
the prettiest ones
I give to mama

It rhymes in finnish. it's a very old poem, I knew it since I was little so I think it's older than me. She has picked it up from the few options her teacher gave. It was written so cutely, with the spelling mistakes and all ♥.

I wanted to take a pic of us all.. It took like ten tries before we managed to get one photo that everyone's happy with.. Mostly because miss Deena was disturbed hehe.. Awww I love my little crew. Alhamdulilah for every day I get to spend with them!


  1. awwwwwww, how sweet of them <3

    I love the card! And that pic is soOoo cuteee, mashaAllah. One of my faves!

  2. awwwww omg!!! that is adorable!!!!!! mashaAllah

  3. Mashallah. Lovely pic. You all look so happy together.Mashallah! Mashallh.The breakfast does not sound so bad either lol. :)


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