Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hear the silence!

Have you ever heard the silence? Does it even exist? I think the saying 'sound of silence' is so true.. Because even silence has a sound.

It was raining today. My kids wanted so much to go out, so after the rain stopped I took them for a while. We went for a walk into the forest. It's next to our home, but yet like a different world.

The cars voice doesn't come there, you can hear only the sounds of nature. I told the kids to listen. First they were all confused, they were wondering how they can listen to silence.. They thought the only voices there were ours. They never stop talking, so they have no idea :D

So, for a while they really closed their little mouths. First they heard nothing. Then they started to hear things. Water dropping from the trees on the dry leaves on the ground.. Great tits were singing. It sounded like there was two of them, talking to each other.

Click on the link and you'll hear them :)
Sound and bird picture from Wikipedia

We heard the wind. An old tree was about to break and it was creaking.. Somewhere barked a dog. It must have been far away, because we didn't hear any foot steps but our own.

There was no silent moment. But so peaceful it was. The forest always feels more peaceful after the rain. The children were amazed of the different voices that they usually don't hear (because they talk :P).

We picked up some flowers. Then we started to hear more water dropping.. It wasn't only from the trees, it started to rain. We didn't wear rain coats so it was time to go home. It was a really nice walk mashaAllah.


  1. Aww...must have been so nice.

    LOOOL @ "They thought the only voices there were ours. They never stop talking, so they have no idea :D"

  2. awwwwwwwwwww, it sounds absolutely lovely!

    I also LOOOled@ what Erika put up :D

  3. Mashallah. Beautiful moments. Memories are made of those. Sounds really lovely. Jazakallh for sharing.

  4. oh myyy.. you're amazing.. :) mashaAllah..

    I soooo love going out in the nature,, it's sooo great .. and yes I tried listening to the silence.. subhanAllah, I go very often with my dh in the field where he goes to collect some species of trichoptera, they are some insects/flies he needs for his PhD studies.

    Lol at your kids talking always.. :D hehe.. they are the cutest


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