Thursday, May 20, 2010

No need for toys!

Now days the children are given everything ready. They don't need imagination, there's plastic fruits, bread, trees, animals etc.. My kids have tons of them, (which I actually don't like) but sometimes I want them to use their own ideas and create stuff. Otherwise they will grow with a very poor imagination..

Yesterday we went to a play ground near our home. We had a picnic and the kids played with what ever they could find, because we didn't bring toys with us, except shovels and buckets to use for sand. My kids spent the day building farms and gardens! It was fun lol, I got to help them :P and i enjoyed it as well!

This thing here is a cone sheep. It could as well be a cow if the cone was bigger :D
Already my mom's mom's mom's mom's mom has been playing with this kind as kid, but too many my aged people haven't heard about it.

This is nader's house and garden. his sheep doesn't show in this pic though.. And he found two cars (plastic lol) and put them in the garage :D

Donjana's farm is in the front. she has many sheep on her field :D . she got lazy making the legs so she said that most of them are sleeping :P

Deena's farm is in the front on the right side here. The left side is Nader's

MashaAllah, we had a lot of fun and time just flew! When we got home I realized that we had been there for 4 hours!

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