Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I'm aging, obviously..

SubhanaAllah I think I'm getting old!

I have plenty of evidence of that..since I turned 40 four years ago, I started to have small health problems. Nothing serious alhamdulilah, but some pretty annoying stuff, needed an operation even..

Then I started to have back problems. They found out that one of my spine discs is flattened. The doctor said that it's "normal signs of aging". Even if it can't be fixed I can tolerate it with pain killers alhamdulilah.

Well I wasn't going to make this a rant about my health and it's not only that, there's more... I always used to know how to use modern technology.. What was modern long time ago that is :P . Lately I have realized that I'm loosing it.. It took me a long time to get used to the camera I bought and know its functions... and it's only a pocket camera. My dh has a much better camera, which i'd love to borrow, but I have no idea how to use it!

And then to the point of this whole post: I wanted to make this blog prettier but it took me a long time (like weeks :O )to find out how to change back ground, banner etc.. I sooooo didn't use to be like this! If I was 20 this would have never happened! Alhamdulilah I got some help! Noor on so sweet designs has posted some pretty good tutorials which helped me a lot! And I found some cute tags and banners from there too! Jazakillah khir Noor!

I hope you like the new layout. It might still change though, but not today lol.. 5 hours trying to find out stuff is enough for one day :D. It's getting very late.. So late that it can be already called early :P , 4 am.. Alhamdulilah us older people don't need much sleep :P . Alhamdulilah for everything!


  1. omg I love reading your posts.. :D
    Tiina, you are not old sis,, mashaAllah you are so healthy and energetic. maybe you are a bit tired, but Not old..
    oh and regarding the technology,, honestly it doesnt have to do with age sis.. it's just how time we have to deal with those things.. ;) and I love love your changes here.. :) everything looks sooo sweet

  2. oldie goldie!
    first of all! I absolutely love this new layout. It's nice and sunny- which matches your personality! As for 'not knowing how to use modern technology'-that makes me oldddddddd! I don't know how to use modern technology at all. You know how long it took me to figure out how to add the pictures and blog roll and that stuff on the side? You had it way before me! I was even going to ask you but I ended up researching! hEHE!

    And I agree with Tesa. Man, oldie goldie, you wanna know how many health problems I have!!

    May Allah ease your pain, though :D

    Love you

  3. Salam :) What a wonderful lay out. The young ones can help us.( I have help from my 13 year old). Mashallah. I also spent hours trying to work out blogs. I am more at ease with wordpress but Blogspot tends to beat me. And I would not start on the health problems... :) Alhamdulillah Expiation Inshallah. Lovely post and sunny look. Keep it up and keep smiling!

  4. yes, alhamdulilah for the young ones ;) . sis, the lay out is going to change more.. i'm getting it custom made :P alhamdulilah.


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