Tuesday, April 20, 2010

you like teddies? i like teddies!

and the young ones love them! so i have made crocheted teddies to my kiddies and some others too.

it all started from this. i wanted to make a special gift for little Ali so i just started something.. it was about midnight already.. 6 am i was done. after this everyone has wanted these teddies.. orders come from door and windows. but i have one problem.. i've got only two hands.. there's just not enough time to make as many as i want.

if ali got one, nader has to have one too, right?

and the girls as well..

and this one went to a very special little girl. it wears hijab..


  1. awww adorable!! mashaAllah I love them !!

  2. Awww, so cute! My youngest loves teddy bears <3

  3. heheh I do love them.. they are awesome and unique.. :D

  4. Oi <3 Noi sun tekemät nallukat on aivan ihania <3


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