Monday, April 19, 2010

WOO it's spring!

MashaAllah mashaAllah finally, after a long, cold winter the spring is here! I can't tell how much i've been waiting for it! along with the nature i kind of wake up too!

my garden needed sooooooooooooo much work, but alhamdulilah i've got most of it done.. i had some help from nadia and the little ones mashaAllah.

it's still so early and spring is really late this year. i can't even cut most of my roses, because it doesn't show anything green in them to know what's still alive.. looks like i don't need to cut grass any time soon. maybe in june :D . my tulips are barely up a couple of cm's. inshaAllah they'll bloom before autumn.. i AM a patient person, but when it comes to my garden - NO! no patience there..:D

today my kids had a snack outside the first time this year. YAYNESS! now we just need a little bit warmer weather and i'm happyyyyy! like no need for winter jacket, which i had on today :O . yes, it's true! because it was so windy! i'm not just saying. it was really cold even if it was nice and sunny!

mashaAllah summer is here soon! everything will get green and blooming inshaAllah! i can't wait!

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  1. hehehe.. alhamdulilah for teh spring and warm days.. :D


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