Monday, April 19, 2010

so i have a blog - what to do with it?

Salam Aleikum!

so i started a blog. a few people have asked me to do so, for a while already. so what now? i have no idea what to write. i use to write soooo long stories, in school i was the best in writing and the teacher made me always read my essays in front of the class. i guess that's something that needs practicing, because i think i've lost the talent.. i really have..

before i used to write ten pages even just bla bla, now days it's hard to put together just a few words. and i have a problem: i can't get used to start sentences with block letters! it used to happen by instinct, but then came mobile phones.. they make the block letter automatically after a dot, so i got used to it.. don't ask to who i sent all those sms's that made me get used to it :P . I will work on it inshaAllah.

anyway, welcome to read about me, my life, kids, my hobbies.. inshaAllah you enjoy and don't get too bored!


  1. YaY!! mashaAllah Im glad your blogging :*

  2. hehe thanks.. i wonder if i can keep this up :D

  3. :D coooool.. you are here and I love love reading everything you share.. :D. I dont see you lost the talent.. I always love your posts.. keep them coming :D

  4. I just read this and had to LOL at not starting with captial letters ;)Mobiles are to blame :D


Even if I love talking to myself, it would be lovely to hear what you have to say! :P