Thursday, April 29, 2010

Like I live in a big city!

I was planning to write about something else today, but looks like i have no energy.. SubhanaAllah i spent almost two hours in a bus today! It's like we live in a large city lol.. Everything started when i got letter that they give me 10 times physiotherapy in a place on the other side of town.. It's about 15-16 km to go there. so, i've been there a couple of times. It's good mashaAllah. I'm happy that i get to go and may get some help for the pain.

So, in the same area there's a pharmacy, which is right next to the bus stop and inside. So I decided as i will be going there all the time, I will my paper for free medicine in that pharmancy. Then, a few days ago nader had his ears checked because he had infection in them a few weeks ago. He had a new infection and needed antibiotics. Alhamdulildh he didb't have pain.

So i was planning to take the medicine from the pharmacy the next day when I was supposed to have my next physiotherapy appointment. Then I was called that it was canceled.. so i thought that i'll take it on friday when my next appointment is.

One day before, today, i got a phone call. it was canceled again. so, now i had to go and get nader's medicine from a place which is 15 km away and it takes 50 min to get there. i had Ali here too, so i took the double stroller and let Ali and Deena sit. Nader said he can manage walking, and he was really brave and nice boy all day.

So we took a bus from the nearest bus stop and drove allll the way to the other side of the town. it took about 50 minutes :P . because it was so far i wanted to see what else there is. we got there and i decided to use the shops there too.. we usually never go in that area, so it was a good chance to check it out. On the way we saw a place where the people from church were giving out free food bags. We were offered to have some, but I didn't feel that I needed so I didn't wanna take from someone who needed it more. since this happened Deena was complaining that she needs cookies or she will die (the free food bags had cookies ) :P

I bought 3 full bags of food ;P subhanaAllah they were heavy.. It's good I had that double stroller. Ali was sitting on the other side and the other side was full of food :))) . We had also some potato chips, juice, chocolate, candy etc.. donjana has some party at school tomorrow so I needed to get her some goodies. Then we got nader's medicine and headed home. subhanaAllah, another 50 mins in a bus!. all the kids were quite nicely today! Alhamdulilah. Now i really need to rest! I feel like a truck that has been driving over me.

It's so funny. This town is not large, but still it takes like 100 mins to get to the other side of the town. standing in the bus, holding the heavy stroller really took all the juices outta me :P . i can't keep my eyes open and it's barely midnight..


  1. Assalaamu Alaikum!
    SubhanAllah! You have been busy! Alhamdulilah Nader was able to get some new meds and had no pain. InshaAllah they will stop canceling your therapy! That has to be frustrating! At least they call! Habibti, if you are tired, listen to your body and go to sleepy town! <3 ya!

  2. sis this full moon thingy has been bothering me this week. only about 3 hours sleep per night. alhamdulilah it's over for now!

  3. wow you had a busy day! mashaAllah that the kids were so good though. =) yay.

  4. wowoeeee! thats a LONG day ! I hope you got well rested!

  5. What a day! Hope you got some rest after that journey!

  6. busy beeee.. :D it happens here too, not very big city but sometimes it takes like 1hour and 1/2 to get to the other side of the town, huuuuh..


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