Tuesday, April 20, 2010

the worlds best cake recipe

nader was teaching me how to bake a cake, so here are his instructions

''first you put some flour.. and sugar.. and eggs.. and strawberries.. and chocolate.. and macaroni''

''then you put more and more.. and more.. and more.. put so much that it doesn't fit in the pot and then all the dough falls out and you can eat it. it tastes good. if you cook it it doesn't taste as good. but i still like it''

''it's ready, but you can't eat it because it's mine. or do you want a piece? ok. i give you. but small piece. and don't drop it on the ground. you have to put it back after you've eaten it... ''

bon appetite :D


  1. mashaAllah what a beautiful cake. That's the best cake I ever had :) Is there any left to give my dh some?

  2. lol it's all gone but he makes more every day so there'll be enough for you guys next time..


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