Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pea bag duck and Pippi-doll, with short drama and instructions :P

, photoslol i guess sooner or later all the parents hear the sentence "everyone has it, i'm the only one who doesn't!!!" donjana has been repeating that for two weeks now.

so now you're wondering what everyone has? hehe.. everyone has something that is related to Pippi Longstocking. books, dolls, videos.. donjana's class has been talking about PIPPI as a part of some culture project or something. they're making a small exhibition of all the stuff related to that character. the only thing we have here at home are deena's pippi-wellies. i didn't let donjana take them to school because it might rain so deena would need them. donjana was so sad because EVERYONE else brought something to school! so, i made her a Pippi-doll. it's very simple and i made it also kinda more correct islamically, the face is not complete ;)

here is some kind of pattern for Pippi Longstocking doll, with instructions. i didn't put any measurements because this can be made what ever size you want.

donjana made a cute pea bag duck at school. deena and nader wanted to have it for themselves so i made them own ones. the idea is not mine so i don't want to take credit for it. this is how i made them.

Donjana's cute, hand made pea bag duck ♥

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