Monday, April 26, 2010

A beautiful, sunny day at the luna park!

Salam Aleikum ladies!

Today we woke up for a beautiful, sunny day mashaAllah! I wanted to do something fun with the kids so i got an idea. Like every spring, the traveling luna park is in town. They bring it here for the 1st of May festival, but because we don't celebrate it nor we like the way it's celebrated here in Finland, I prefer to go there on another day. So, today was the day!

So I called Nadia, my daughter, in the morning and asked if she'd like to come with us and take Laila and Ali there. She got exited, so we dressed the kids up and left. YAY!

The kids were soooo exited mashaAllah! They all got to try different equipment (is that what you call all those things? :D ). Donjana was brave enough to go to one which is meant for adults and bigger children while I was busy putting Ali to a carousel. Ali was so serious riding his motorbike. He chose it over police car, fire car, formula, rabbit, squirrel, camel etc.. lol he is a MAN! mashaAllah!

All the kids except Ali went to a big swing carousel. First Nader was a bit concern that he'll fall off of it, ut he ended up loving it! They all enjoyed it so much mashaAllah!

Next thing was the jumping cars! The kids had a blast! Ali + Deena and Laila + Nader, two couples, were lucky to have two steering wheels in their cars lol.. I wonder what would happen if real cars would have two as well.. I'm pretty sure that men would go nuts! :P

Of course there's also a traditional horse carousel in all this kind of places. As expected, Deena had to ride a horse. It's a must for her every time we go there! Ali and Laila chose a carriage.. Laila said it's for Cinderella.. Of course. She is such a romantic girl and loves princess stories mashaAllah.

While Deena, Ali and Laila were in a horse carousel Nader wanted to be a flying saucer pilot lol! He loved it! MashaAllah!

While I was waiting for the kids I was playing with my camera. Front lcd is so cool ;). When I took a pic of myself, other people thought I'm shooting at the kids :D .

Everyone got a chance to have fun alhamdulilah! Even Nadia and I went to one thingy, which is called Waltzer. We asked a class room mate of hers to watch the kids so we could go together. YAY! I haven't got that experience in a while.. In a few years I would say..

There was also a show, where a man rode a motorbike on a string up to the Giant Wheel. Another man was hanging under it in a metal swing. The kids liked it and were really exited.

Before we left we went to the Giant Wheel all together. Nader the Man was spinning our 'basket' all the time really fast. It was so funny, like he had to show his muscles and man power mashaAllah. He was the one who didn't actually want to go to the wheel, but when the time was up we had to tell him to stop spinning so that we could step down from our 'basket'.

After all the fun we bought some candy floss and started walking to the bus stop. Alhamdulilah we didn't have to wait too long. waiting is not actually so much fun with the kids..

Everyne was hungry, so before going home we took the kids to eat hamburgers to Hesburger, the best local burger restaurant. The food was really tasty, like always mashaAllah. Not so healthy though, but it's not something we do every day so it's not so bad :P . And of course the kids had to get a chance to play a bit in Hesburgers 'sea of balls' before we headed home.

It was a long, fun day and we got home exhausted. Nader had to throw a little fit in the bus on the way back. I guess his day is just not complete without one.. He wanted to sit alone in the other end of the bus. We told him he can sit alone near us, but he wasn't happy about it. He wanted to go and sit between strangers so far that i wouldn't see him. I didn't let him, so we had a 'concert' all the way back home. But the rest of the day was really nice! :D

Alhamdulilah for this kind of lovely days I get to spend with my loved ones! ♥ InshaAllah there's many more to come!


  1. hhahaha.. what a cute bunch od kids.. mashaAllah.. I just love love them mashaAllah.. soo cute.. Lol at Nader having a concert in the bus.. haha he is such a maaan.. yaay.. sitting alone among the strangers hehe.. that's a sign of growth :D cutee sooo cute..

  2. Asalamu aliakum,
    mashaAllah, looks like sooooooo much fun!! I love all the pictures and the funny comments- like nader's 'concert', if real cars had 2 steering wheels, how people thought you were taking pics of the kids but you were really taking of yourself, hehe :D masahAllah, so nice that you and nadia got to go on a ride together.

    to be honest, i would have been freaked out by the show with the motorbike..looks so freaky...and so high....and so dangerous...LOL. But i can see the kids being excited about it and of course I know he's trained very hard, etc. ;)

    thanks for sharing :D

  3. Jazakallahu Khir girls! ♥☺

    Amina, the motorbike wheel had a track for the cable and there was no chance it would fall :P . they even let it spin around full 360degrees ;)

  4. masha'a'Allah!!!! I love the pics! masha'a'Allah, just love'em! :wub: I am so happy you got this blog! I love how you take the kids out ! and have so much fun!

  5. hahahaah im dying laughing at nader :)) wanting to sit with strangers where you can't see him hehehe

    Looks like a blast girl!! I miss rides!! i want to go on one !! ;))


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