Tuesday, April 20, 2010

my dear hobby: knitting.. and a bit crocheting too..


i just love knitting! i have to have something to do with my hands all the time. can't watch tv or something if i don't knit.. here's just a selection of my stuff.. kinda boring.. this is maybe 10% of my work on the last few years, but i guess it's enough to make yall bored :))

this is the latest stuff i made for the kids this winter..

i also made new hats for them all.

socks for a little newborn

a box of love to a sister

the kids 'needed' new socks too. (don't ask how many pairs they have!)

hmm.. so many pics and i didn't post half of the pics i wanted.. anyway, the rest should be enough to bore yall..

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  1. I love your hobby.. my aunt is just like you,, she cant sitt without doing something with her hands. she doesnt knitt this much as you, she makes the table covers and so.. :) it always amazed me how she does it that fast.. When I watch TV I dont like being distracted.. :)


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