Tuesday, April 20, 2010

i love photography!

i'm such an amateur :P

but that won't stop me.

i like photographing so

i sneak around with my camera anyway.

sometimes the result is just blahh.

but sometimes i get lucky.

i like to take pics of random things.

oh yes, i said random..

or what do yall think?

i'm pretty sure you agree..

if not before, but after seeing this you will :D.

i may never be a professional, but i will be trying mashaAllah.


  1. you make great pics sis.. waAllah you do.. :) I love them..so random and beautiful

  2. Aslamu alaikum,

    I love your pics!! MashaAllah!


Even if I love talking to myself, it would be lovely to hear what you have to say! :P