Friday, June 11, 2010

Trip to Moomin World: picture gallery!

On Tuesday we went to Moomin World. at first we had a plan to go on Thursday, but then i got a phone call from the hospital that they could operate Nader that day, so we had to change our plan. Nader is not allowed to 'get sporty' for the next couple of weeks, so we didn't really have a choice.

here's a picture gallery of our trip to the Moomin Valley

Taking the Moomin train on the way to the Moomin World

At the gate of the Moomin World

Moomin House

The beautiful Moomin Valley

Niiskuneiti, Moonin Troll, Moomin Papa, Niisku and Nipsu at the presentation of Niisku's Flying Boat.

Vilijonkka, her daughters and Little My

Nader hugging Moomin Papa

The kids with Hemuli

The Moomins singing Moomin song

At Moomin Theater Little My, Moomin Troll and the Witch

Hemuli and Little My at the theater

The Witch by her house with Alisa

The Witches Maze

The boogie Man's house.. He freezes everything.

Moomin Waterfall. there was a volcano on the top too, but it doesn't show because the sun was shining so bright.

Some strange thing lol giving water to frogs in a pond :D

Drontti Edward

Drontti Edward and Too-Ticky's house

Going to Moomin Papa's Boat

A view to the archipelago from the Moomin Boat

Kitchen of Moomin Papa's boat

Donjana wrote to Moomin Papa's guest Book

The note my kids left to Moomin Papa. Donjana wrote: it's fun here. What have you been doing Moomin Papa?

Too-Ticky telling the kids how to make friendship bracelets.. Lol I made them after all :P

Listening to adventure story of Nuuskamuikkunen

A view from a rock next to Nuuskamuikkunen's tent. the tower you can see is the summer castle of the Finnish president. it looks tiny from here, but it is a castle and not very small :P

Decorating their own cakes

Deena hugging Moomin Mama

Nader hugging Moomin Troll

Donjana hugging Moomin Mama

Moomin kitchen

Moomin dining room

Moomin Papa's and Mama's bedroom

Little My's room

Niiskuneiti's bedroom

Moomin Papa's office room

Plaing at Moomin Troll's room

Moomin Troll has interesting toys :P

Nader hugged even Stinky

Stinky in jail.. Like always..

The girls with Nipsu

Hemuli's house

At Hemuli's kitchen

Nipsu's house

The kids playing with Little My and Vilijonkka

Little My dancing at the Moomin Theater

At the Moomin Theater

Nader sitting in front of the Moomin House

Playing with the Moomins at Niisku's Flying Boat

Bye bye Moomins, see you next year inshaAllah!

This is my beautiful birth town Naantali, where the Moomin World is located.

After visiting the Moomins we spent some time in Naantali just relaxing and having a snack.

The lovely Old Town in Naantali.

Naantali church. that's where I have been babtist as a baby.

More of the Old town

I just love walking there.. so beautiful! And some people get actually to live there..

The Old town is actually just next to the center, but looks like country side mashaAllah!

The Old town has many tiny alleys. This is one of the widest ones.

We had a really fun day and the weather was perfect! It was sunny but not hot, just good for a hijabi ;) . Alhamdulilah we got to go before my little man went to the hospital.


  1. MashaAllah the Moomin world looks like SO much fun! I love how much your kids enjoy it even though they've been so many times before! <3

    And Naantali is sooooo beautiful mashaAllah!!!! Wow!!!

  2. sis, they never get tired of it! they could go every day! actually we missed last summer because it's so €€€, so nader didn't even emember much about it, it was all new to him mashaAllah.

  3. asaalmu aliakum,
    I saw this when you posted it, but :omg: I forgot to comment. (I wanted to comment on everything but was busy at the moment).

    Anyways, the Old Town really does look like it's in the middle of the country, hehe, so funny that's it's acutally right close.

    Hehe, wonder what the church people when you pass them by now with your hijab- bet they don't realize you were baptized there :P

    Ma'shaAllah all the moomin pictures are so cute. I really feel like I was with you guys! The kids really look like they had a blast- and it's obvious why- looks like sooooo much fun!! A whole other world, hehe!!

    I love how nader hugged even stinky!

    hehe, the finnish president's got an excellent view ;)

    LOL at you making the bracelets anyways! ma'sahAllah.


    Jazaki Allah for sharing,


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