Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Some little action these days

We had a little action the last few days. MashaAllah fun, different and not stressful.

Yesterday we visited the navy base next to our home (1km away actually). They had an open doors day, including tour in the military harbor in a bus (I've been there by walk ages ago, but now they let people only with a bus). There was also a cool military police action show, special fire unit show, some different army vehicles and other 'big boys' tools, and the kids got to try some boat simulator which reminded me of a computer game, it was just more real looking.

I don't like war or weapons, but it was kind of interesting. Alhamdulilah we live in a safe, peaceful country, so the army only gets to practice and they don't have any real situations. The vecicle in the picture is the special fire unit (puts OFF fire, not make it :P ) It shoots water bombs and sprays water with high pressure. the kids got to go in it and try some stuff. they were so exited.

The most hilarious moment was when Nader went to the mariners, who were showing their recoilless riffles and telling about their part in defending the country. Nader told them straight off that he wants to join the navy, the boats are more cool than riffles lol.. the mariners looked quite disappointed :P .

And I must say that as a hijabi I got treated really nicely by everyone. I wasn't so sure about it.

The other day Donjana went to a kids party to a really cool place. It's an Indoor playground, a really large one! In the picture it shows maybe one quater of it, or less. I took Deena and nader to have some burgers while Donjana was there, but they got a chance to try the playground action a bit afterwards.

Today we went to the city library. Can you see how my kids run fast to get there? Lol.. They love books and so do I! The new library here is such a cool place, they have a lot of stuff for kids, toy exhibitions etc.. And a toy corner too. And plenty of comfy chairs and sofas to sit, read and relax.

I read detective stories mostly. I should read something more serious more often too, but I have also learned a lot just from these stories that I read. Alhamdulilah most writers these days try to find out real information about things they write, not just pick up stuff from their heads. The last book that I read 'happened' on Shetland Islands. It sounds really interesting.

This evening we went to pick up lilies of the valleys. Btw, doesn't that simple flower have any more simple name? I love them anyway, and now the house smells sooooo good! mashaAllah!

Tonight about 11 pm I went to take the rubbish bag out and I saw the sky looking really weird.. All the clouds were straight lines, starting from one spot like rays.. I've never seen such mashaAllah. The sunset colours were not yet showing, because sun set only 15 minutes before this (it takes a long time to get dark here after the sun set, about 2 hours). The colours were brighter later, but then the clouds were already gone so it didn't look special anymore.

It looks like the wind up in the sky has been really strong to make these lines like that mashaAllah!


  1. Lol @ Nader preferring boats over rifles ;)

    and @ your kids running to the cute! But, I think I do the same LOL. I love books, too! :)

  2. Ma'shaAllah!! Lots of interesting things!

    LOL at the fire unit- puts OFF fire, not make it and nader telling the marines that he prefers the rifles over the boats ;)

    The sky picture you put was so amazing, ma'shaAllah!!

    I like 'the lilies of the valleys'. That sounds poetic, hehe and the picture is nice. I've never seen that before!

    Jazaki Allah for sharing,

  3. I loved each paragraph.. alhamdulilah you live in a peacefull country..soo important..

    mashaAllah you and kids had a great day :) lovely.. oh and mashaALlah your kids love books.. :)

    and the picture of the sky looks amazzzzzzing

  4. LOL @ nader and the marines, hahaha too cute mashaAllah. the library and play place sound so fun, and the flowers sound amazing too =D mashaAllah

  5. What a beautiful post sis i love it, Btw its Naz from MSU xxx :)

  6. mashaAllah what a beautiful post about wonderful fun times :D mashaAllah Nader always have some funny things to say lol . alhamdulilah you live in a peaceful country, its a great blessing.
    I love the pic where they are running to the library , too cute mashaAllah hehehe.
    may Allah protect you and your family ameen.
    Love you!


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