Saturday, June 19, 2010

In the country side!

The kids and I were visiting my mom at her summer house in the country side. We slept there for two nights. MashaAllah we had so much fun, it was like a little holiday!

When we were leaving Nenna came to say bye to us. Laila wanted to go with us so much, so we took her too. Poor Ali, he was devastated. He shouted so much 'I like YAYA'(Laila) and wanted to run after the car.

Mom's place is in the end of this small private road, so it's a perfect place to have some hijab free days. too bad this time the weather wasn't warm enough to have some tan on my arms.. At least my hijabi tan lines are not that sharp on my face now lol..

We entered mom's house. The first thing we did was changing clothes. I keep some worn out old fashioned clothes and extremely ugly old dresses there so that we don't have to carry many bags with us. So don't wonder why the kids wear so ungly stuff in the pics :D

Mom had lunch ready when we arrived. The kids ate like they've never seen food lol. I love mom's kitchen, so cozy.. And she still cooks sometimes with a real wood oven or what ever it's called in english..

Then they run to their play house. They love it! My mom's husband built it when my older daughters were little, so already two generations have been playing in it..

The most of the whole three days we spent there, they were playing there or next to it in the sand box. They played even cleaning the house, which is not their style lol.. The house wasn't very clean after the cleaning btw.. :P

They 'cooked' some funny stuff and invited mom, her dh and I to eat. Hehe.. it was delicious :p . Mom let the girls take chives flowers and they went to pick up whole spring onions lol..

They dig out the horses I made them two years ago. It so funny, they treat them like 'real horses' for a while but then they suddenly throw them somewhere and forget they exist lol.. They have always wanted to bring them home, but i think they have more interest in them when they can play with them only twice a year or something ;) .

and the bows and arrows that I made last summer. Lol, yeah.. Every time they have a task for me. This year they wanted me to make swords :D , so I did. Mom's dh has an every man's dream, a work shop with all the tools you can dream of. he has also plenty of materials for things, and when ever i feel like making something, he has everything I need.

Nader was helping me. He didn't have an electric machine btw.. just some sand paper on that plastic thingy.. And these are NOT crosses, they are swords! We made one for Ali too. Poor thingh had to stay home with mama..

They were playing the four musketeers lol.. All for one and one for all. I wish they would really understand it btw.. they're all quite selfish and don't want to share :D . I'm not sure i let them keep the swords though.. Depends if they know how to handle them without anyone getting hurt. they're not sharp btw :P .

Last year I had a task from mom too.. I knitted and crocheted new clothes for these puppets. Now half of the colours are gone..

After I finished the task of the year, it was time for me to relax.. I was just watching mom's beautiful garden, reading a good book in a swing with my coffee cup.. MashaAllah, so peaceful..

The day went too fast, just relaxing, eating, weeding some of mom's veggie beds.. Yeah.. she has so delicious veggies, all organic.. Means a lot of weeding..

It's quite therapeutic btw.. All the aggressions are taken care of after pulling out thousands of thistles, having hands full of spikes.. No, of course I don't wear cloves.. When you pick up thistle spikes from your hands you really feel alive ;) . I should do that more at home too lol.. my lawn has some thistles, but I just run on them with the cutter usually..

While I was weeding, the kids had been using the water colours. they messed up their room upstairs, some splashes of colour were found around the floor and walls :o. they also played indians and painted some stuff on each others faces.

All of us got quite dirty lol, so we went to the sauna to wash ourselves. I love mom's sauna, it's not electric like mine, it's heated with real wood. Feels totally different.

Soon it was time to put the kids to bed.. Laila and Deena slept in the bed on the right side, one at each end of the bed. Donjana slept on the sofa in the right side. You can see some of their water colour mess on the table..

Nader and I slept on the bed made of the upstairs living room sofa. It took some time to make the kids to fall asleep, especially Deena. Alhamdulilah finally They were all down. I could sit, relax and watch some football.. Mom and her husband were sleeping as well.

The other days went pretty much like the first day.. We started with breakfast. Even Nader could eat quite well.. He still has pain in his throat from the operation. He cried only when he saw me at the table. With mom he ate like nothing happened. :D I'm soooo gonna get him rid of that habit.

This is mom's downstairs living room btw..

Mom's nearest neighbor is a horse farm. it's about 300m away.. If you are a bird.. By walklking the road it's maybe 600meters away. I'm quite sure you can't see the little red house behind the field in the pic.. maybe if you click to grow it you can see it.

My kids love horses. they would love to take riding lessons too, but it's sooo €€€ here :( . InshaAllah later some day.

We had a really fun and relaxing time. Im pretty sure mom is not so relaxed though :D . InshaAllah she is resting now. She couldn't have a break from the kids lol..

So we said good bye and left. On the both sides of mom's private road there's so pretty flowers. I just had to stop one more time and take a pic :D . Not feeling like going home, but mom needs her own time with her dh.

InshaAllah we'll be going back in a month, when the berries are ready to be picked up :P


  1. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeed all the pics and the text,.. :) I felt just like visiting.. I wish I could..
    mashaAllah your mom's house is just like a fairy tale.. :D everything is just like in a movie.. those movies that you never get boreth with.. :)

    mashaAllah,.. may Allah give your mom and her husband good health and many other healthy years to live.. may Allah guide them to the right path

  2. Asalam Alaykum, Ahh mashAlalh I love them all and her kitchen is sooooo cute.

  3. Oldie goldie, when can I come, please? I mean, wow. I loveeeeee it! It looks so cozy- right out of a fairytale. Hehe, at the ugly dresses! They’re not! It doesn’t matter what the kids wear- they make anything look cute, ma’shaAllah. And the 300 if you’re a bird!! Hahha! I didn’t expect you to say that!!

    So nice of you to leave your mommy with her dh :P congrats to her :D the horses looked so cute! My niece would love it there!

    I’m so glad nader ate the food, alhamdillah!

    there was so much to comment on...i had more to say but forgot ;)


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