Sunday, June 6, 2010

School's out for summer! What a cute party

I am so greatful for Allah subhanahuwata'ala for having 6 beautiful, healthy kids. I am so proud of them all! Yesterday I had proud moments especially with Donjana and Samuli.

My little Donjana finished her first year in school. MashaAllah she got a good diploma and a good one from arabic language too! And they had a really cute party ♥.

Donjana and her class. First they read a poem, then they were singing and dancing as bunny rabbits. They were adorable ♥ and I was in tears, naturally :D.

Here she is getting her diploma. MashaAllah! Her teacher is lovely btw. She is friendly but still can keep every trouble maker in order mashaAllah. she is one of the best teachers I've ever met. she used to teach Amira and I was so happy to hear that she will teach Donjana too.

Her diploma for finishing the first year of Arabic language. MashaAllah she did well. Arabic speaking sisters can go and read what the teacher wrote.. If I got it right it's something like 'she knows the alphabet and is learning how to join the letters together'.

Her diploma. Seems like she is doing fine in school. She needs help only in problem solving (part of maths) and understanding what she read. InshaAllah she keeps learning next year and can improve.

My older son finished grade school yesterday. His diploma is not perfect, but he improved so much from last year that I can't really complain. His level went up from 5.3 to 6.6. That means he has basically got better mark on every subject, and many subjects even with two numbers or more. I'm happy about it and so proud of him!

And now I will start blogging about SUMMER HOLIDAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!


  1. woo woo woo mashaAllah mashaAllah and mabrook to you and all fmaily *hugs* inshaAllah they both will be successful in future as well.
    inshaAllah now will try my best to always leave a comment bcoz I do love to read about you but just got lazy to log on blogs :wub:
    i love you and your family tons!

  2. Ma'shaAllah!! To both of them!!

    Love the 'little bunnies', heheh! I bet I would have been in tears, as well. AND that's awesome about the Arabic diploma! wooOohoo! You're pretty much right about what it says :D

    OOo, I totally love the purple flowers at the end, <3


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