Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Some excellent news!

I have some excellent news! When we came home from mom's place on saturday, a letter was waiting for us in the mail box. it was from the school where my older son applied. MashaAllah wa alhamdulilah Allahu Akbar, they accept him! I'm so happy about it! Otherwise i don't know what he would have done now that his grade school is over.

He will study surface finishing, and the group where he was accepted is a smaller, special group with less theory and more real work. I think it will be good for him. It's something he always wanted to do! I'm so happy for him and i hope that he will take the school seriously and study good inshaaAllah!

The whole weekend and the beginning of the week have been great alhamdulilah! On Sunday we went to the Adventure Park with Nadia's grew and found a group of our dear sisters with their children sitting on the grass! They were having a picnic. My daughter Nadia and I had missed the discussion about this event on FB, but alhamdulilah we were there and saw our group! We had a good time!

Today I had to get my medicine from the pharmancy in the center. We decided to go to the library too, and I found some really nice books I've been looking for! On the way there we saw that Amira's f-dh was working in his brother's pizzeria, so we went to say Salam to him. The kids wanted pizza of course, so we stayed..

Nader was finally eating normally! Or more than normally actually! :D Poor guy, I think he has been hungry all the time during the time he's been recovering from the operation. He could not eat any warm stuff until today, only soft bread, pudding,ice cream and stuff. He still has been complaining about pain while eating until yesterday.

First he ate a quarter of family size pizza and then half of normal size pizza on top of that. All together that makes one full adult size pizza, which even I have trouble eating (and I love pizza and always eat too much of it.. And regret later :D ). His smile was until his ears mashaAllah.

He also didn't ask for the pain killer anymore. The first week I gave him two kinds regularly, but the last couple of days only if he felt like he couldn't be without. Alhamdulilah he hasn't asked for it too many times.

This is the first night he sleeps without any painkillers. InshaAllah he will not wake up for pain. At least now he seems to sleep peacefully. And it's amazing to see him sleeping with closed mouth, breathing from his nose! He hasn't done that in a very long time.. If ever.. Alhamdulilah seems like the operation really helped him and he's recovering well!


  1. Salam alaykum, nice blog! I'm really glad to hear your son is getting better alhamdulillah, and that your other boy was accepted into the school he wanted! Congratulations :)

  2. Assalaamu Alaikum habibti! Alhamdulilah wa MashaAllah! Mabrook!!! Verily with hardship comes ease. :)

  3. Asalamu aliakum!
    Ma'shaAllah and congratulations to your big boy and little boy. How cute of little nader to eat a whole pizza :D alhamdillah :D

    I was so happy to read that you subhanAllah met up with the group even though you'd missed reading about it. :D When we were in Madina, we were supposed to go with our group to visit the famous islamic sites, where the Battle of Uhud took place, where the first masjid was built, etc. SubhanAllah, my family and I missed hearing 'what time we were supposed to go', but Allah let us make it just in time- we were just going back to our hotel and my twin and I noticed our group all outside- they told us they were waiting for the bus and it was late. we ran up and got the whole family-- 5 minutes later, the bus came :) We'd made it just in time :D alhamdillah!

  4. salam sis./. I am so happy to hear for the good news of your big and little boy.. :)

    inshaAllah everything goes well for all of you :)

  5. Mashallah !!!Excellent news about the school and also the recovery of the little one after the operation. I always enjoy your posts :))) Jazakallah sister and all my love to the kids.


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