Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Nader will be operated tomorrow

My little boy needs an operation :( . Nader has had his nose running or blocked almost since he was born. If he gets a flu, his nose will be running two months after the flu is gone. Usually it's been better in the summer. He has always been breathing hard while sleeping, and lately he has been snoring too.This spring he had an ear infection, and when we went to check out if it was healed after a few weeks, the infection was still there.

We had appointment with an ENT, and she checked Nader. She said that his ear is still not healed. It's not really infected either, so it doesn't need antibiotics.. It just has some liquid inside. They call it glue ear, because his adenoids are way too big so the ear air conditioning doesn't work.

His adenoids need to be removed and he needs ear tubes. His palatine tonsils are huge as well, and if they're not removed now, they will need to be removed sooner or later anyway. It's better everything is done at once so we don't have to think about it again and Nader don't have to go through the pain and stuff twice.

We were supposed to get a letter from the hospital about one week before the operation, but yesterday they called me and asked if we can go on thursday. We had a plan to go to Moomin world that day, so we had to change our plan. We left to Moomin world right away so the choldren wouldn't miss it. Nader can't go anywhere for a whole week after the operation, and 'sport' is forbidden two weeks, so we can't go to any action places any time soon.

It might be hard on Nader to take it easy for so long. I guess about 99% of his moves can be counted as sport, he is a really active kid mashaAllah. He is a strong boy and inshaAllah he'll recover quickly.

We bought tons of ice cream, ice lollies, chocolate puddings, spiced yogurts etc, because nader can eat only cold foods on the first days. He is exited.. For now. I'm afraid once he realizes why he needs to eat those, he may throw a fit and refuse to eat anything. I really don't know what to expect from him. He is usually not making problems when he is sick, but he throws fits for getting hurt and acts very dramatic sometimes, so his reaction can be pretty much anything. InshaAllah he will understand to not shout and eat his ice thingies nicely..

So, tomorrow morning at 8 am we need to check in the hospital. The operation will start about at 10 am. If everything goes well, we can go home about 4 hours after the operation, so it should be some time in the afternoon inshaAllah.

Hang in there Nader habibi! ♥ mama loves you! ♥

May Allah subhanahuwata'ala bless and protect my little boy and let the surgery go well! Ameen

Please sisters, keep him in yalls duas! ♥

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