Sunday, June 27, 2010

Laundry day..Just for my little girl's camp ♥

SubhanaAllah we have had a nice weather lately! InshaAllah it will stay next week!
On Monday Donjana is going on a camp for one week. it's for Arabic speaking kids, for keeping up with the language and culture. MashaAllah!

Today I have made 3 loads of laundry (the basket is empty now mashaAllah smileylaugh.gif ). I want to make sure alllll her thousands of clothes are clean when I pack her things tomorrow. Gotta goo and empty the machine one more time soooonish..

I'm afraid I will pack too much stuff.. You just never know the weather here. It could be one week hot or one week cold and rain.. So I need to put for her clothes for every weather for 7 days.. She needs a rain coat, wellies, sandals, sport shoes, t-shirts, long sleeved shirts, jacket and pants for windy weather, cardigan or such, shorts, dresses, skirts.. One pair of party clothes for camp party.. sheets and sleeping bag.. OMG stresssssssss!

From my town 15 kids are going (and another 15 from other towns). I was planning to get her together with some older girl who could help her with stuff. This is her first time out from home over night crypink.gif . It woild be good if some older girl would keep her company.. i'm sure I will know one of the girls who go from here, or at least someone's mom inshaAllah!

Two teachers go from here too. One is the one that was teaching donjana Arabic language at school. He is palestinian and knows dh too. dh doesn't remember him though.. They haven't met through school yet. The other teacher was teaching Islam for Nenna at school and he used to teach our Finnish sisters group years ago at the masjid. He was a witness when nenna and her dh got married islamically. I know his wife too, she used to teach us Arabic at the masjid. And he has been with dh on a dawah weekend trip.. Alhamdulilah I know I can trust both of the teachers.

The camp is over 200km from here, they go with a train and busses. Donjana has motion sickness sometimes on long drives. I got her medicine for that. InshaAllah she won't be sick.

SubhanaAllah I'm worried about so many things.. The trip.. How she can manage with her clothing..? Will she know how to take care of herself, her phone, her pocket money..? (I think I will give her phone to one of the teachers and she can ask to use it when she needs it). Will she like the food (alhamdulilah, all halal!). Will she miss us too much..? Will she know how to sleep there..? crypink.gif wub.gif . I know she makes new friends easily, so I'm pretty sure she will have a good time if she can just adjust to the situation..

She is such a big girl already, I can't believe how time flies.. She is my baby anyway..

Sisters, please make dua that she will have a safe trip and a good time!

May Allah subhanahuwatalaa.gif bless and protect my little girl! Ameen pencilheart.gif


  1. Oh Tiina.. I almost had tears in my eyes.. :) mashaAllah your baby is growing up on her own.. mashaAllah.. :)

    She must be very exciting.. and I am sure she will do well, she will be very careful on everything you mentioned.. :)

    may Allah protect her and all the kids.. inshaAllah they will have good weather :)

  2. May Allah protect her and she returns safe to you and have learnt a lot.
    It must be hard when as a mother you experience these issues for the first time, right.
    My kids are little and my boy is starting school on september (KG1), he is excited,and am excited and terrified lol..
    inshaAllah His almighty will protect them all..xx

  3. sis, not actually the first time for me ;) . i have 6 kids and three of them already adult, so i've been there before.. but this one.. she is so small to me.. just 7 years old(soon 8 inshaAllah. she is going on second grade..

  4. awwwww, tiina,SubhanAllah, JuST today I noticed your ticker on MSU --that donjana is going to be 8 in a month's time! I was so surprised. How time flies, Ma'shaAllah.

    But this post was just sooo 'motherly' :D You can feel the love, the worries- every sentence is written from a mother's heart, ma'shaAllah. So sweet <3

    inshaAlalh she will have a safe and fun trip! inshaAllah she will treasure this experience forever and remember how her mother trusted her to go without her <3

  5. MashaAllah sis! Maybe she can teach me Arabic after she comes back lol, I'm still at the point where I can read and write Arabic but my conversation skills are almost 0...
    I'm also very overprotective with my kids :) I think better to be like that than the opposite way.
    If we get the car in order and checked then inshaAllah we can drive to Turku with my mum (dh in khuruj) and then WE HAVE TO meet and the kids can play together inshaAllah.
    And you can teach me to speak Arabic :D!


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