Sunday, June 5, 2011


Hello folks! School's out for summer and the holiday started today. It's not exactly a holiday to me though :P but at least no early morning alarm-buzz alhamdulilah!

 Donjana hugging her teacher the one, last time. She will not be teaching them the next semester.

Donjana got a good report card alhamdulilah. I'm so proud of her! Next year will be more challenging for her. She will be on the third class and they start a few new subjects too, English, geography and biology. InshaAllah she will keep up the good work. She already speaks English quite well. We just had an English visitor and I was surprised, how well Donjana got along with her.

Deena finished pre-school on tuesday, and will go to the first grade in the autumn. And yesterday she learned how to read! It's so wonderful moment to see! And mashaAllah, now she loves it so much! She asks me to write her new words all the time. If this progress keeps going on like this, she can read small books in a few days inshaAllah! And I'm so proud again :D !

Deena received a rose and a diploma in her pre-school graduation party.

Nader even forgot about playing football for a while, when he saw Deena reading. I gave him Deena's old Moomins ABC workbook, so he can practice letters. He doesn't know how to spell almost anything yet, but now he wants to learn to read too.. He started practicing S. He made a few beautifully shaped s-letters exactly on the line.. I left him for a while and when I came back I saw that he wrote MESSI in the middle of the line, then went back to making s s s.. :D. It was hilarious :P .

My grandkids have been here a lot these days, because their parents are working. Last night they slept over. Today we spent the whole day out. The weather was perfect, nice and sunny. We made soap bubbles, played shop and home, read and wrote, and we had some kind of larva-farm lol, the kids were looking for them in the bushes.. :D . And I had to help them :D . Anyway, it was a good day.. Not as busy as you could think with five kids.. They were all very nicely (which is really not always the case : ) alhamdulilah. And the kids room that we cleaned up totally yesterday, is still clean and tidy alhamdulilah!

My lovely common lilac!

The garden is starting to bloom too, and I have a lot to do there.. Well, it doesn't look like I've done anything though :D , but honestly, I have.. My white fence and bushes in the front were blooming already, and so was the mini apple tree. now it's time for the lilacs, and soon there will be roses inshaAllah!

Have a nice, sunny summer everyone!

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