Thursday, March 31, 2011

Well done, kids!

Ohh.. life is so busy lately I haven't had time to come and update here as often as I was planning to. I really should be here more often. Anyway, I'm here now, with a little update about the kids.

This Tuesday Deena and Nader had their yearly nurse check and they were found healthy and everything with them is on age level alhamdulilah. Deena is tiny though, but is growing well anyway. Nader is only 3,5 cm behind her and he already weights half kilo more. Lol they look like twins :D mashaAllah.

Their hearing is good and eyesight too alhamdulilah. And I was so proud of them, they both could tell 'left' and 'right' in the eye sight test, the E board thingo, instead of showing directions with their hand.. The nurse said that it is really rare that kids are that much sure of left and right, especially Nader, who is only 5. I told her it might be because we're Muslims, we talk about eating with our right hand and stuff like that much more than a typical, Finnish family.

Deena did all kinds of tests really well, mashaAllah she is a smart girl. She had to draw some stuff, make some figures of wooden blocks, split pictures to groups that fit together, find which letter some words start etc.. She finished everything so fast lol, she loves that kind of stuff.

She has had a problem saying R, and I spoke about it with the nurse. The nurse said that a speaking therapist could talk with her once when she goes on the first grade in the autumn. We were not worried about it, we knew she'd find a way to say it soon because she had said TR before, in words like tractor, but couldn't say words with R or R alone..

Nader was a little shy first with the nurse, but he behaved really well.. Or maybe he behaved himself because he was a little shy :D . He also had some tests like drawing his picture and his family, throwing ball etc. His tests were a bit different because he is one year younger. When he was supposed to write his name he didn't remember how to make R, but then he wrote MESSI on the paper :P . And when he had to draw his picture he drew a football next to him :))) . In the family picture he drew green background. the nurse asked him why and he looked at her as if she don't understand anything. Then he said: ''It's grass, don't yo see? My family is on a football field.''
Nader on the left, Messi in the middle, and a player from Uruguay in the right.

He is really into football lately, and Lionel Messi too.. Meaning soccer, in case someone is wondering... He plays football ALLL the time, indoors and out, and he plays football games on PC and PS and watches full games from tv or football clips on Youtube. He wants to wear his football gear and Argentina number 10 shirt every day at home, and he'd wear it outside too if I'd let him :D. Well, it'll take a while before we can go out with t-shirt, we still have snow and April starts tomorrow!

Alhamdulilah everything went so well and things are fine with the kids. I was told that I have fun, well raised children alhamdulilah. Well.. They had a good day lol, it could have been different on another day :D . And I promised them some donuts at Arnold's later. That might have affected too :D

After we finished with the nurse we had a snack at the waiting room, as we got up really early and had spent two hours there. We had to wait for half an hour for Donjana to finish school. Her school is next to the nurse's, and we wouldn't even have time to go back home anyway. Donjana is on second grade and her school is going well. The teacher often tells that she is a very nice girl and she knows when she should sit still and listen. mashaAllah. Her exams usually come home with excellent grade. Only once she got good, and she was unhappy about it. I had a hard time trying to convince her that she still did well even if she didn't have the excellent mark.

After Donjana came we went to the center and had some really tasty donuts. YUMM.. :P . On the way home Donjana and Nader fell asleep in the bus. The last thing Nader said before he fell asleep was ''I have changed my family name. My name is now Nader Messi. Oh boy.

And then later that day Deena was practicing R again and she said it! It's so funny :D. She had tried a thousand times, but just that day it came! YAY! Alhamdulilah for everything!

Melting snow makes amazing figures.

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  1. LOOOOOOOOOOOOL @ nader messi!!

    ma'shaAllah, it was really nice to read the update on the kids :D


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